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How Mihara Yasuhiro Helped Change the Sneaker World

Mihara Yasuhiro Interview Header Shot 1Mihara Yasuhiro Interview Header Shot 1

Despite the fact that began his career designing footwear, he remains relatively unknown to the mass market that is today's sneaker world. However, to those of you who dig avant-garde flavour, experimentation and beautiful design, you'll probably know the Japanese designer quite well. One of his most notable contributions was his collaboration with that ran for many years, creating a collection of kicks that inspired many. Not only that, he was also involved on projects with . Through these, he experienced the mass sneaker market, yet his collaborations and namesake creations cater to an audience far from the mainstream crowd.

Now with over two decades under his belt, we had a chat to Mihara about his favourite sneakers, exactly what 'sublime meets ridiculous' means, and his Original Sole sneakers.

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