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Here's What a Pokémon x Nike Collaboration Would Look like

Pokemon Nike Sneaker Freaker1

It took ‘em a while to confirm, but adidas’ supercharged Dragon Ball Z collection will undoubtedly go down as one of year’s biggest drops. Comprising of seven of Team Trefoil's newest models, the collection pays homage to the legendary manga’s favourite characters with a series of uncanny colourways emblazoned with signature motifs (albeit with some glaring omissions).

So, the success of the adi x DBZ link up got us thinking — what if Nike did their own anime-inspired colab? And, what if it was a Pokémon mashup? We're pretty sure it'd send a thundershock of epic proportions through the sneakersphere. No doubt, hypebeasts would be lookin' to catch 'em all.

With 150 OG pocket monsters to choose from (does anyone actually care about the others?), Beaverton would’ve had a hard time selecting just seven to rep the Swoosh. Lucky for them, we’ve done the hard work and whipped up our own Nikémon lineup. Which one would you Pika-choose?

Pikachu Sneaker Freaker

Nike Air VaporMax 'Pikachu'

Simply put, a Pokémon-themed Nike colab wouldn't be compete without a 'Pikachu' colourway. The ever-popular Air VaporMax provides the perfect base for the electrifying yellows to come through, while a red pop is an unmistakable ode to the chubby rodent.

Don C Ash Ketchum Sneaker Freaker
Ash And Pikachu

Air Jordan x Don C Legacy 312 'Ash Ketchum'

We think Ash's get-up is pretty steezy as is, but we think these Don C joints would take his fit to the next level. Let's face it — if you want to be the very best, you've got to have the shoe game to back it up.

Nike M2 K 01 Native 1600
Charmander Sneaker Freaker

Nike M2K Tekno 'Charmander'

They say if Charmander's tail flame ever burns out, he dies. You'll have no such issues if you rock this M2K colourway — heat on your feet is guaranteed.

Vaporfly 4 Squitle
Squirtle Squad

Nike Vaporfly 4% 'Squirtle'

The colourway will have you looking the freshest (and running the fastest) among your Squirtle Squad.

Bulbasaur Epic React
Ash Bulbasaur Sneaker Freaker

Nike Epic React 'Bulbasaur'

Bulbasaur is known as one of the most versatile OG Pokémon, so the game-changing Epic React is a perfect fit with its pavement-pounding performance and street-ready style.

Team Rocket
,Team Rocket Sneaker Freaker

Nike React Element 87 'Team Rocket'

'Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket' ... Sounds like Jessie, James and Meowth are basically Pokémon resellers.

Mewtwo Air Max 270 Sneaker Freaker

Nike Air Max 270 'Mewtwo'

Mewtwo has glutes for days, so it was only natural that we used the Nike silhouette with the biggest bubble butt to date in its honour.

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