Happy 420: Seven of the Best Stash-Pocket Sneakers

Raised By Wolves x Saucony Aya

For some, April 20 won't hold much significance, but for those familiar with the Californian high school friends who met at 4:20 to indulge in some recreational activities, it's an occassion to be celebrated! Whatever your puffing preferences, today is about celebrating the green. So, if you indulge and are looking for a place to hide it from the po-po (it's not legal everywhere, you know), here are seven shoes in which to stash your hash.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 6
Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 stash pocket

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 (2019)

La Flame practically begged us to spark up with his 2019 Air Jordan 6. The upper is rolled in dank, resinous green, while hits of Infrared on the tabs and toggles glow like a flame tip.

Adding a final toke-worthy touch, a saddle-bag stash-pocket sits high on the ankle. Being so on-show, these definitely aren't a surrepticious way to cart around your cannabis.

Raised By Wolves x Saucony Aya
Raised By Wolves x Saucony Aya
Raised By Wolves x Saucony Aya

Raised by Wolves x Saucony Aya (2019)

Raised by Wolves' take on the Saucony Aya, dubbed the 'Asphalt Jungle', was inspired by the urban sprawls of the brand's home country of Canada, but the bud bag behind the tongue has a thinking of an entirely different kind of jungle.

Circa Chad Muska
Circa Chad Muska CM901

Circa Chad Muska CM901

The quintessential stash-pocket sneak for many, the iconic Chad Muska is bound to get more than a few aging skaters misty-eyed with nostalgia - but that could just be hashy haze instead.,

Another bonus: the ultra-bulky build, as was common in those days, meant that no one would know if you were carrying a little extra weight behind the tongue.

Nike Skunk Dunk 1
Nike Skunk Dunk 3
Nike Skunk Dunk 2
Nike Skunk Dunk 4
Nike SB Dunk Hi 'Reverse Skunk Dunk'
Nike SB Dunk Hi 'Reverse Skunk Dunk'
Nike SB Dunk Hi 'Reverse Skunk Dunk'

Nike 'Skunk Dunk' & 'Reverse Skunk Dunk' (2010 & 2020)

Whether you prefer to toke on Green Dream or Purple Haze, Nike's Skunk Dunks have you covered. The uppers are furry like the best buds, and the colour palette runs the gamut of all your favourite strains. These odes to the chronic wear Indo-inspiration on the outside and, thanks to the sneaky pouch behind the tongue, can easily hide your herb as well.

Kangaroos 2
Kangaroos 3
,Kangaroos 1


KangaROOS founder Bob Gamm created these athletic shoes with an inbuilt pocket for a runners to store their keys or a couple of coins. It was only a matter of time before disciples of the dank co-opted the shoes' marsupial pouch to conceal more nefarious substances. On the plus side, their performance-geared make-up aids a quick getaway if need be.

Bait Adidas Stan Smith Vulc 1
Bait Adidas Stan Smith Vulc 2
Bait Adidas Stan Smith Vulc 420 3

BAIT x adidas Stan Smith Vulc '420' (2016)

Team Trefoil's tribute to THC makes no secret of its hydro heritage. It's rolled up in high-grade hemp and, judging by the tongue's prescription label, it's some pretty potent stuff. The upper carries a debossed happy-high smiley face and shaggy green suede at the heel to round out the reefer theme. Of course, the all-important hidey-hole sits behind the tongue.

Nike Sb Omar Salazar 2
Nike Sb Omar Salazar 3
Nike Sb Omar Salazar 1

Nike SB Omar Salazar Signature Model (2010)

When the Nike SB team rider made his first signature shoe back in 2010, he wanted to add an interchangeable tongue - you know, for customisable support. Conveniently for many of Salazar's fellow Californians, the interchangeable tongue featured a zip pocket to allow for more padding *cough cough* to be added. Props to Omar, though - the Zoom Air cushioning makes the munchies run a lot more comfortable.

Ipath 3
Ipath 1
Ipath 2


Just like that surprise little nug that you find in your pocket, we're adding a little bonus. IPath produced shoes for the more environmentally minded skaters and stoners, offering a sustainable alternative to mass-market board shoes. As popular with Rastas as with skaters, that these organic cotton and hemp sneakers unsurprisingly came with a pot pouch.

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