Great Apps for Checking the Legitimacy of Sneakers

The Best Apps to Legit Check Sneakers

Taking an L is just about the most painful feeling a sneakerhead can experience. And these days, its not just on the initial release date that you can feel that aching pain of defeat. With the secondary market currently booming, there’s another way to take an L: copping fakes!

While most of you probably play it safe when searching for a pair on the secondary market by only browsing trusted apps and platforms that conduct in-house legit checks, this isn’t always the most viable option. Sometimes the lure of a social media seller can be too hard to refuse, thanks to them often being a cheaper and faster choice. But taking that path can open you up to the looming risk of copping fakes. If you thought taking an L on a release was bad, then wait until you’re eye-to-eye with a fugazi pair of sneakers.

If you’ve ever been caught with a pair of fakes, wipe those tears from your eyes and dust yourself off, here are some of the best apps you can use to check the legitimacy of your next sneaker purchase. Don’t get caught out again!


CheckCheck is a paid authentication service for sneakers, and offers good value for your money. They have a two-step authentication process where first the user will take photos of their pair to be assessed by artificial intelligence to detect any potential inconsistencies in the sneaker. Following that initial search, the sneakers will then be checked by two of CheckCheck’s trained authenticators. They operate 24/7 and have a speedy return time, coming back with confirmation on whether your sneakers are the real deal or not within 30 minutes!

Head to CheckCheck’s website to find out more.

Legit Check App By Ch

Legit Check App By Ch

According to their description on the Apple App Store, you can learn how to spot fake items in the fastest way possible with the Legit Check App By Ch. When you’re looking to authenticate an item using their platform, they give you an extensive checklist so you know what to look for. While being free to that point, Legit Check App By Ch helps you to learn how to be a your own legit checker. And, if you’re still unsure after following all of their steps, or just want to be 100 per cent certain, you have the option of paying to check the product, which also includes a certificate of authenticity.

You can download the Legit Check App By Ch here.

Legit Mark
Legit Mark


Legitmark is another option for those looking to make sure their recently acquired creps are 100 per cent genuine. A paid authentication service, Legitmark offers two levels: Standard or Concierge. For both services, you send extensive photos of the shoes in question to them, and they’ll then send you an answer as to whether it’s authentic or not. With the premium Concierge service, Legitmark will also send you a specialised tag to attach to the shoe, making it easier for you to sell them in the future.

Check out Legitmark here.

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