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Five Ways We Bought Sneakers Before the Internet

Phone Order Sneaker Telephone Hand Dialing 2Phone Order Sneaker Telephone Hand Dialing 2

You could be sitting at your desk during work, browser tabs in Incognito Mode, doing a little bit of online shopping. Or perhaps it’s the dead of night, and your eyes are straining against a bright 6-inch phone screen. Or worse yet, a night on the turps has you pressing ‘Add to Cart’ with inebriated abandon. A click here, a swipe there and, before you know it, your junk email folder has an invoice north of $500.

It’s all too easy today. The prevalence of mobile-optimised shopping and continually developing e-commerce means copping kicks is possible in the palm of our hands. However, wind back the clock to before the year 2000, and it was much more difficult to get your footwear fix. These are five ways we bought sneakers before the Internet.

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