Five Sneakers the Royals Should've Worn to the Royal Wedding

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After months of build up, the Royal Wedding finally took place over the weekend. In the days since, we've had to wade through all the memes, best-dressed lists and endless dissections of the day’s events, but we couldn’t let such a momentous occasion slip by without adding our own two pence!

Now, high heels and dress shoes are not our realm of expertise, but watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot, we asked ourselves: what would the crème de la crème flex if the queen’s dress code wasn’t so darn stringent?

Meghan Markle Dress
Reebok Classic Leather Meghan Markle 2
Reebok Classic Leather White,

Meghan Markle in Reebok Classic Leathers

The newly named Duchess of Sussex walked down the aisle in a pair of white satin Givenchy heels, but without the royal mandate things might've been a little different. Tabloids have pointed out Meghan’s preference for Reebok’s Classic Leather, so – in a parallel universe – maybe she would have sported them at the altar, given the chance. After all, it would only be appropriate that she wore her newly adopted flag at her wedding.

Prince Harry Wedding
Cdg X Nike Night Track 1
Cdg X Nike Night Track 2

Prince Harry in CDG x Nike Night Tracks

As a born member of the Royal family, we’ll concede that Prince Harry probably comes under a more scrutinising eye from Her Majesty, and so he can’t go all-out with his footwear. The wedding’s dress code stipulated that male guests had to wear polished shoes with their suit, so we think the patent-dressed Comme des Garçons x Nike Night Track would fit the bill nicely.

Prince William Royal Wedding
New Balance Made In Uk 991
New Balance Made In Uk 991 2

Prince William in New Balance Made in UK 991s

Having recently welcomed his third child into the world, there’s really no other option for Prince William. Sure, there are countless ‘dad’ shoes on the market these days, but being second in line for the throne he’d have to go with a ‘Made in UK’ New Balance 991. On trend, comfortable and of regal quality – what more could he want?

Prince Philip Royal Wedding 1
Air Jordan 1 Royals 1

Prince Philip in Jordan 1 'Royals'

Prince Philip is known for overstepping the lines of royal etiquette and, having retired from official duties last year, we can see him throwing out the rule book for the royal wedding. The Duke of Edinburgh loves a good joke (albeit a politically incorrect one), and so we’re betting he’d show up in some Jordan 1 ‘Royals’. Come on, someone has to.

Queen Elizabeth Green
Nike Air Monarch
Nike Air Monarch 2

Her Majesty the Queen in Nike Monarchs

Need we say more?

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