Five of the Worst On-Court Blowouts


A basketballer's performance can hinge on their choice of footwear. A sneaker trails only a tad behind the ball in terms of importance to the game. And so what happens when the shoe doesn't hold up its end of the bargain? We've taken a look at some of the NBA's worst on-court blowouts below.

Aaron Gordon Shoe
Image: KicksOnFire

Aaron Gordon (2016)

The Orlando Magic forward was facing off against the 76ers back in 2016 when his Nike HyperRevs busted at the seams. Oddly enough, malfunction didn't mar Gordon's performance much at all; he delivered 11 points and 11 rebounds in the victory against Philly.

Isaiah Thomas Shoe
Image: Bleacher Report

Isaiah Thomas (2018)

Just weeks ago, the Lakers point guard took to the court in a pair of 2009 Zoom Kobe 4s. And surprising no one, they fell apart on him mid-game. Thomas didn't let the mishap get in the way of his love for Bryant-branded shoes though; he laced up a pair of Kobe AD Mid 'Lakers' to finish the game.

Nick Young Shoe
Image: Sole Collector

Nick Young (2014)

Nick Young also fell victim to the flex appeal of wearing vintage sneakers on-court. In a game against Washington, his 2001 'Cool Grey' Jordan 11s put themselves out to pasture . Young is known for having an impressive sneaker collection, so hopefully he learnt his lesson and hasn't ruined any more grails since (on-court stunting is still a favourite pastime).

,Tony Wroten Shoe
Image: Jordans Daily

Tony Wroten (2014)

Tony Wroten's 2005 Jordan 10s were no match for his game when he faced off against the 76ers back in 2014. The nine-year-old glue failed him, and the sole fully detached from the upper as he was going for a shot. The lesson we can learn from this? If you want to flex on-court, check for yellowing glue first.

Manu Ginobili Shoe
Image: Bleacher Report

Manu Ginobili (2014)

We saved the best 'til last. In a game against the Pistons, Manu Ginobili busted through the sole seam of his Air Max Closer 4, leaving the shoe hanging from his ankle. Word was that Ginobili had been wearing the same pair of Closer 4s for five years, which explains a lot (and is warmly endearing). He switched to LeBrons soon after.

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