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Five of the Juiciest Sneaker Scandals

Kanye ScandalKanye Scandal

The sneaker scene is awash with scandals right now. is imploding over and is under fire for . Not a day seems to pass without a new scandal, so we've dug up some of the juiciest from years gone by. From claims of plagiarism to shoe tech that just doesn't, these are five scandals that stole headlines around the world.

Kanye Mocks Nike for Plagiarising the Yeezy BOOST 700

Thanks to the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Balenciaga, chunky trainers are currently the height of fashion. The major sports brands have all been quick to jump onboard as well, but unfortunately not everybody was happy with Nike's attempt, the M2K Tekno. Kanye West felt that the sneaker bore a striking similarity to his own chunky trainer, the Yeezy BOOST 700. He took to Twitter to make his feelings known, but later took down his tweet. It's not clear if Kanye changed his mind or simply purged his account, but the argument continues between Nike and adidas devotees.

Butt-Toning Shoes Don't Work!

Long before Kim K was rocking Yeezys, Mrs. West was peddling a very different kind of sneaker. Shape-ups were chunky trainers that promised a butt-toning workout with everyday wear. To call the shoes a success is an understatement. The sky-high sneakers flew off shelves and both Reebok and New Balance followed suit with their own offerings. There was just one problem: the shoes didn't work! All three brands were struck with multi-million dollar lawsuits for false claims and came away worse for wear. On top of failing to keep wearer's posteriors in check, the shoes were butt-ugly!

adidas Poaches Top Nike Designers

Nike were none too happy when they learned that adidas had managed to lure three of their top designers to the Stripe-side. The designers in question — Denis Dekovic, Marc Dolce and Mark Miner — had served in key roles in Nike Running, Nike Football, Nike Sportswear and Nike Basketball prior to their departure. Wasting no time, adidas flaunted their newest acquisitions and the Swoosh fired back with a $10 million lawsuit against the designers, claiming they had leveraged trade secrets to obtain their new jobs. After two years of heated legal battles, the three designers officially started at the Three Stripes, heading the all-new Brooklyn Creative Studio.

Drake's Love for the Jumpman Fades Away

Is Drake still signed to ? Honestly, we don't even know, and neither party is offering up any confirmation either way. Rumours began circulating earlier this year that Drizzy was considering switching sides to adidas and speculation has been running hot ever since. While not openly commenting on the situation, Drake has fanned the flames by sporting Three Stripes on the regular in recent weeks, and often from top to toe. Despite seeming all but a surety at the stage, Drake continues to be spotted in Nikes on occasion. Whatever the case, one thing's for sure, Jordan Brand can't be happy the rapper behind 'Jumpman' is repping the enemy.

PUMA Flames Forever 21 for Ripping Off Rihanna

You know what they say, 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.' Is it really though? were none too happy when Forever 21 decided to release a line of footwear suspiciously similar to those in Rhianna's Fenty line of sneakers and slides. PUMA were positive that the fast-fashion retailer had ripped off their designs and were quick to file legal proceedings. Unfortunately for PUMA, the California judge presiding over the case denied their request for a preliminary injunction to prevent Forever 21 from selling their copycat footwear. The two have been locked in a bitter dispute ever since.

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