Eight Styles, One Star: Dressing Better with Converse

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Fast-paced fashion trends — those that come and go in the time it takes to add to cart and check out — have been trying to convince us that all that glitters is golden. But a faction of new-gen aesthetes aren't having it.

Rather than following sneaker trends that rely on gaudy bulk to elevate their outfits, this group of fashion-savvy footwear enthusiasts are leading the rebellion against the overpriced and ostentatious. In doing so, they're embracing the clean, the minimal and the old school — especially on-foot.

Few shoes fit the bill, but there’s one that does with ultimate nonchalance: the Converse One Star. Revelling in its youth-led renaissance, the sneaker has become the go-to shoe for those innately averse to the status quo, the predictable, society’s dos and don'ts. To show us how it’s done, we rounded up a rabble of Instagram wunderkinds who’ve use the One Star to execute a variety of killer looks.

One Star Styles 2


This outfit from nascent streetwear icon Leo Mandella is a case study in pulling off a blend of high and low. He’s married the One Star with Italian luxury, pairing a Prada windbreaker with Tyler, the Creator’s GOLF le Fleur. The best part? The spot-on execution of blue and white up top paired with blue and white down low. And not only that, but Guy Gully knew where to stop, resisting the urge to overcook a simple fit. The rest takes a backseat while the jacket and One Star shine.

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On restraint’s flipside is a look that does bougie with bombast. Busy style risks coming off tacky, but not here. Beija Velez’s measured approach tinged with effortless cool brings down the volume of loud pieces, while bold colours are favoured over excessive branding. The green of Gucci’s iconic logo on their time-honoured tee and the green of Beija’s One Stars subtly bookend the look to spot-on effect. A patent puffer helps temper the wild yellow tartan pants and bring the whole look cleanly together. Bougie beginners take note.

One Star Styles 3


Here, Maisie Williams and The Internet frontwoman Syd the Kyd show you how to nail ‘comfy and cosy’ without looking like you’ve spent the whole day scoffing chips on the couch. Branded long sleeve tees edge the pair’s vibe away from athletic wear and towards street style, and accessories add a touch of luxe. The styling tip: colour coordinate your sneakers and top like Maisie has done, or wear white on top to let your One Stars pop, like Syd.

One Star Styles 4


Street chic succeeded grunge after normies appropriated the latter, leaving a tangle of Levis and red plaid in their wake.

Street chic is anchored in the same values — an aversion to pristine and an attraction to all things blue-collar — it’s just packaged differently. Like grunge, beaten sneakers are a street chic staple, hence the style’s affinity for One Stars — the sneaker that looks better and better as it chalks up battle scars of a life well lived. Try the look with a loose-fitting work pant and white tee. Throw on a windbreaker or low-key souvenir jacket for added layer and subtle flair.

One 2


The ability to put together a preppy outfit without looking like a Brooks Brothers mannequin is an underrated skill. An easy way to stop yourself from going full ‘Hamptons dad’ is to throw your boat shoes overboard and put on some sneakers. More specifically, slip on some One Stars. With these inherently rebel-infused shoes on-foot, you’re free to go ham on tailored denim and trim crew necks without feeling out of touch.

One Star Styles 6


Tyler, the Creator is a style icon for skate-rats. His Converse colab saw the One Star remodelled in a manner true to the streetwear and subversive skate labels he grew up on, elevated with his own floral twist.

When not decked in jewellery or head-to-toe prints, Tyler’s bread-and-butter look is that of a 16-year-old loitering in a parking lot. (Read: the style fashion houses have been trying to emulate for years.)

Here, the quintessential skater aesthetic comes together with a beat-up bucket hat and long-sleeve rugby top. Slim-fitting pants are hacked off mid-shin to inject a bit of personal flavour, as well as to spotlight minimal sneakers and matching tube socks. This a look everyone can recreate.

One Star Styles 7


The One Star and British ‘casual’ culture are long-time friends. With their 70s roots, the two share strong ties with that decade’s rambunctious youth, and with the mischief makers who followed in decades thereafter. In 2018, the British casual is still influencing modern fashion across the globe.

Here we see an example of how to approach the simple, understated look. First off, don’t stop at one coat — throw an overcoat over your coat. Underneath, a preppy shirt or turtle neck should be tucked in to straight-leg pants. Round it out with a clean One Star and you’re ready to make some noise in the terraces.

One 3


Hypebeasts are maligned just about as often as they re-up on Supreme (so, pretty constantly), but that’s only because so few beast well. There’s an art to the look, and it’s all about being on the fringe. Those searching for inspiration on how to hypebeast with the best should look to Europe.

A European hypebeast typically avoids in-your-face showboating, instead opting for lesser-known pieces by hype-heavy brands; think less Off-White belts and more plain sportswear paired with seasons-old Supreme. Underpin the ‘fit with a sneaker that’s weathered a few trends and you won’t cringe when you deep dive on your timeline ten years from now.

You can try these looks for yourself by grabbing Converse's One Star here.

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