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Cracked Soles: The Rotting Sneaker Vault

Cracked Soles 1Cracked Soles 1
Cracked Soles 45
Cracked Soles 47
Cracked Soles 48
Cracked Soles 43
Cracked Soles 2
Cracked Soles 51
Cracked Soles 18
Cracked Soles 46
Cracked Soles 8

There are artefacts scattered across the globe that can help us better understand the history of human existence. Whether it’s war memorabilia or ancient Egyptian tombs, the answers to the big questions can be found searching through what’s left behind. For us sneakerheads, walking into a store and finding relics – such as a pair of Air Jordan 3s from 1988 or a pair of original David Robinson’s Nike Air Command Force – is the equivalent of an archaeologist walking into a cave and finding King Tut’s flip-flops.

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