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Among the many contributions of cultural firebrand Kanye West, the democratisation of his eponymous Yeezy sneaker line with adidas is one of the most interesting. Following the bold proclamation that ‘everybody who wants to get Yeezys will get Yeezys!’, it’s almost impossible to walk down the street or scroll on social media without spotting a pair of the unique sneakers. And one of the most abundant sources of Yeezys (and a distinct lack of Feezys!) is eBay, thanks to their Authenticity Guarantee. Here are some key models to kick off your collection, or perhaps add the finishing touches to a well-rounded rotation.

Yeezy BOOST 350 V2

This is the sneaker that ‘Ye promised for all. By far the most prominent Yeezy model in the range, its ubiquity is a reflection of its success. And it goes beyond the celebrity cachet: a mixture of BOOST soles, comfortable Primeknit sock-like fit, and a futuristic silhouette makes the BOOST 350 V2 supremely popular. Plus, it’s available in just about every colour imaginable.

Yeezy Foam Runner

Effectively a glimpse into what sneakers could look like in the near future, this laceless, flowing organic Foam Runner has been exposed to the entire cultural spectrum, and received just about the entire gamut of audience reaction. Objectively, this is an easy-to-wear, comfortable, and edgy design – just as Mr. West intended. The early tonal drops are quite accessible, but the more adventurous types among you should try the marbled finishes.


Yeezy BOOST 750

It was the Yeezy BOOST 750 that kicked off the adidas Yeezy line way back in 2015. A design reflective of the era it was born in, this high top was a maximalist expression of Kanye’s wildest ideas and past inspirations. While the BOOST sole would appear in most Yeezy models that followed, none have replicated the opulent suede build, and analogue zip and strap hardware, of the 750.

Yeezy 450

The latest addition to the Yeezy line is also the wildest yet. With a crack team of experienced designers – including the godfather of Dad Shoes, Steven Smith – bringing Ye’s wildest sneaker dreams to life, the fact that the Yeezy 450 exists at all perhaps vindicates its concept. Building on the stretchy sock fit and overgrown sole concept, these shoes actually look pretty sick on-foot.

Yeezy BOOST 700

The OG Yeezy BOOST 700 ‘Wave Runner’ was one of the most influential sneakers of the late 2010s. Despite the fact it has restocked a number of times now, the retro-futuristic runner has sold out every single time. Thankfully, eBay is the best place to source contemporary sneakers, and throwback releases, such as the ‘Wave Runner’. The only thing to note is the 700 is arguably the most comfortable Yeezy model, so good luck taking them off!

Shop these Yeezys and the rest of the range today with confidence thanks to the Authenticity Guarantee on eBay UK!

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