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Converse's 2017 Highlight Reel

Highlight 1100X735 ConverseHighlight 1100X735 Converse

Converse cruised through 2017 with the grace of an old pro — largely because they are both practiced professionals and very, very old. As a centenarian, the brand’s hips should be seizing. However they seem to have found the fountain of youth, kegged it and joined new-gen sneakerheads in red-cup revelry.

While celebrating their Chuck Taylor’s 100th year, the brand reinforced its status as a counterculture icon, explored new technology and forged relationships that sparked heavyweight colabs.

There’s a lot to reflect on with a milestone this big. It’d be nice if it was condensed into a play-by-play, maybe some type of highlight reel…

With so many future leaders embracing the Chuck Taylor just as those before them, you can bet that the sneaker lodestar is still rising.

The update didn’t shake the sneaker world, but it wasn’t meant to; rather, it simply lent another garment to Converse’s wardrobe – another statement piece to measure against their classic styling.

However, if you’re weighing Converse’s most important collaborations of 2017, it’s hard to find a heavier hitter than Tyler, the Creator. The irreverent musician-cum-director-cum-designer-cum-television host catapulted the One Star in a new direction by harnessing flower power. His first One Star colab traced petals around the branding and declared ‘Don’t let them kill your flowers, water your garden and sprout’ on the midsole. Tyler's second offering took the One Star and transformed into his own thing entirely: the ‘Golf le Fleur.' The Golf le Fleur took the One Star's advice and sprouted a single flower across its upper from heel to midfoot.

After a deal Tyler says ‘Vans fucked up,’ the artist went above and beyond with the Converse. He championed them in his new Vice series, held a secret show for punters, erected an effigy of his colab at Camp Flog Gnaw and is rarely seen with anything else on-foot. The gestures signal a strong connection that goes beyond commerce. The seeds of success are sown, now let's kick back and watch them sprout.

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