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Collector Spotlight: Tommy Triggah

Collector Spotlight: Tommy Triggah

One of the many devoted sneakerheads on the Euro scene is  Tommy Triggah – real name Tom Römer – and he features in this next installment of our ongoing Collector Spotlight series. Recently, the triggah finger launched the 26th episode of his podcast with  Tim Beumers for  Sneakerjagers. We asked some quick-fire questions about Tommy’s love for the game...

How did you get into the sneaker and streetwear scene?
It all began at my local sportswear store, around 1990–91, where you could find me pretty much every week drooling over Air Huaraches, Torsions, Air 180s, and Air Maxes. But it was really Andre Agassi’s signature Challenge Court line that sparked the fire in me. I just loved those designs. There’s actually a Challenge Court retro collection dropping very soon. Finally!

You are educating kids and people on your channels, and now also have a podcast with your partner Tim. Why is it important to share your knowledge?
My love for streetwear sparked through my love for hip hop, which started in the late 80s. In those days, we created our own style by watching MTV, or by reading hip hop and skate magazines. We just took brands that weren’t actually meant for us, and made them our own, cause streetwear brands didn’t really exist back then. I just really love being part of this culture, sharing knowledge, and connecting through common interests. I really feel good in these surroundings. So, it almost feels like an obligation to speak out and educate – all in a good way, of course.

How would you describe your collection?
I just love good designs, whether it’s general release, vintage, or hype. My only motive for going after a pair is whether I really like it. There’s no other motive. It’s all about taste.

What have been some of your favourite recent releases?⁠
I’m a big fan of the new ZX 10000 model by adidas. I also really liked the Air Max 90 Recrafted series.

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