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Collector Spotlight: Reyes Yllera

Collector Spotlight: Reyes Yllera

Reyes Yllera’s sneaker collection isn’t necessarily one that you’d often see being flexed on IG. Shifting away from social media, she spends more time looking at old catalogues than her screen. We had a chat about her recent finds, her thoughts about Nike retros, and more.

Yo, Reyes! It’s been a minute! What’s been going on since you graced the cover of Issue 39? Have you picked up anything interesting lately?
Things have changed a lot! For a while, I felt like I wasn’t connecting with the new sneaker scene, so I moved away from social media, but haven’t stopped the hunt. Recent pick up? Just a pair of Nike Air Classic BW (’02).

If you had to choose five silhouettes, what would they be?
The Nike Air Mariah ’92, KR5, Pegasus Racer, MRV, Air Base ’90 – my personal Grail. If I had to choose something more recent, it would be the Nike LDWaffle.⁠

Do you feel like female collectors are getting more recognition nowadays?
Yes! When I started collecting it was a nightmare, but there’s still work to do. I understand women consume differently. But I still walk into boutiques and many models and colourways aren’t available in my size. I believe the market shouldn’t be so divided. What Yoon Ahn is doing has all my respect – it feels like she doesn’t think about gender at all, just the story and design.⁠

Having such a vast collection, do you find it hard to pick just one?⁠
Yes! My Nike Disco Track from ’78 is my most precious pair. There is so much history to that specific model.

We know you’re an avid vintage collector but, looking forward, are there any drops you’re excited about?
Right now, the scene feels like one big waterfall. Release after release after release, which is why I focus on OG models. However, if Nike were to release the AJ1 ‘Canary Yellow’, that’s a pair that I would like to have.

What are your thoughts on the Nike retros of late?
They are improving a lot! Releases like the Nike Ghost Racer were insane – I was able to snatch pair in LA for $30. For me, the golden era will never have a decent retro – that’s why I love the OGs.

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