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Collector Spotlight: Mario Rönisch

Collector Spotlight: Mario Rönisch

Like many of us, Mario Rönisch came up in the sneaker world that pre-dated copping on the Internet. In the 2000s, he started putting all his money towards buying sneakers and supporting a new streetwear and sneaker store that opened in his home town. In the latest edition of our Collector Spotlight series, we chat about Mario’s love affair with New Balance.⁠

Has it always been New Balance for you? Or is that something you stumbled upon later?⁠
My love for New Balance has come a long way. Over the years, I’ve rocked every brand in the game. Nike, adidas, PUMA, Diadora, and Karhu to name a few. In the end, I always came back to New Balance, and now there will be no other brand for me.⁠

Is New Balance’s heritage part of the reason you fell in love with the brand? Tell us about some of your favourites styles, stories and models.⁠
My first New Balance shoe was a 996 Made in USA. I was in Berlin and visited the Overkill store intending to buy a GL3. Then the New Balance caught my attention, and the quality convinced me fast. After this purchase, the first 997s and 1500s followed quickly. Once you get used to the quality of the Made in UK and Made in USA series, it is very difficult to get excited about anything else. The 997 was my all-time favourite for a long time. I’ve collected over 50 pairs, and am always looking for some older releases. But since 2020, I gave some other styles a chance.⁠

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