Collector Spotlight: Lewis Earle

Collector Spotlight: Lewis Earle

Lewis Earle is a Sony-wielding sneaker collector and photographer that hails from Liverpool UK. As part of our Collector Spotlight series, we jumped in the DMs to deliver a few quickfire questions about his love for the game. Stay tuned and follow this initiative to hear from different collectors about what’s in their rotation and more. Enjoy!

Collector Spotlight: Lewis Earle
Collector Spotlight: Lewis Earle

How’d you get introduced to collecting?
My introduction to sneaker collection was through Reddit. I’d been on the site around seven years, and a couple of years into it I discovered the subreddit /r/Sneakers. This was around 2014–15 and came at a time when I’d just got my first full-time job. Earning my own money meant I had the chance to buy some of the shoes I’d been seeing all over /r/sneakers.

What would you name as your Top 5 silhouettes?
Air Jordan 1, Air Max 1, Air Jordan 4, UltraBOOST 1.0, and Air Max 90.

What’s your favourite sneaker in your collection?
Hands down, the Air Jordan 1 ‘Shattered Backboard’ 1.0. My first Air Jordan, and bought for £235 a few years ago, which is an incredible price compared to today’s market. Everything about them is fantastic: materials, colourway and story – everything I love in a shoe.⁠⠀,

Which cop has given you the most joy?⁠
OG Off-White Presto picked up from NikeLab London. I’ve pretty much beat them into the ground at this point!⁠

What’s the next drop you’re most looking forward to?⁠
I’m looking forward to a lot! The Stüssy Spiridon Cage 2 is one I’m excited to see on people’s feet. The Travis Scott 270 Reacts look interesting, and pretty much any Jordan 1 High, especially with an ’85 shape which I’m yet to get my hands on. The Nike Adapt LE 01 looks very cool. I’m a big Adapt guy and have most models, so would love to grab them.

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