Collector Spotlight: Clintorious

Collector Spotlight: Clintorious

Collectors are often eventually forced to choose between acquiring multiple brands and styles, or focusing on a particular niche. In 2012, Clint Oquendo – better known online as clintorious – reached this crossroad after a tragedy changed his and the lives of many. He opted for the latter, turning his full attention to all things Nike SB. Learn more about his collection as part of our Collector Spotlight series...⁠

Collector Spotlight: Clintorious
Collector Spotlight: Clintorious,
Collector Spotlight: Clintorious
Collector Spotlight: Clintorious

Why the focus on Nike SB?⁠
I used to collect all kinds of shoes! Air Max, PUMA, Jordan, ASICS, and New Balance. But a lot of my collection washed away during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Since then, I’ve just stuck with anything Nike SB. Samples, promo items, clothing, stickers, booklets, accessories, basically anything!⁠

What do you make of the current SB trend?⁠
I’m happy to see the attention SB is getting, but sad to see people in it for the wrong reasons. It was a tight community before, and now die-hard fans are getting pushed out. I’m was hopeful that the hype would go down and releases would become more accessible, but with social media and the attention SB has gotten, I think we are too far gone…

Collector Spotlight: Clintorious

Why did you also start collecting toddlers sneakers?⁠
I’ve always had an interest. It didn’t really peak until recently when my friend told me it was time to sell his son’s collection. At the same time, I was starting to plan for my future family, so it was perfect timing. I always knew my future children would have a sneaker collection from day one!⁠

Is backdooring a necessary evil if you want a decent collection these days?
It is, along with bots. Backdooring has been going on since day one. If a person tells you they wouldn’t backdoor if they owned a store, they’re lying. If you think a store is backdooring, just move on.⁠

Has collecting taught you any life lessons?⁠
So many! The main lesson is to not be scared of making mistakes. I’ve gotten scammed so many times, but it didn’t stop me. Learn from it, move on, and try to get your money back!

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