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Chronicling the 2019/2020 Nike SB Dunk Renaissance

Laro Lagosta Travis Scott Nike Sb Dunk Low Header

Despite being one of the most influential sneakers of all time, the Dunk hasn’t always been at the forefront of contemporary crep culture – far from it, in fact. Rewind the tape just a couple of years, and you wouldn’t have been surprised to have seen some colourways labelled as outlet fodder. Nevertheless, we all know that a lot can change in the sneakersphere in a short period of time.

Frankly, Team Swoosh weren’t all that interested in the SB line, choosing to focus on appeasing the rabid popularity of the Air Jordan 1, Air Max styles, and an expanding performance basketball lineup. The Nike SB Dunk Low was seemingly gone, but it certainly wasn’t forgotten… and Beaverton knew just what to do about it.

Were these pairs in their inventories a year prior? We’d say it was unlikely. The brains trust at Beaverton were no doubt schemin’, seeding pairs to industry movers and shakers in the hope the silhouette would once again sprout back into the contemporary conscience of cool. The resulting harvest has been prosperous, to say the least.

Some old heads cussed out the fresh sightings, while others appreciated the nostalgia of this ‘new’ trend. One thing’s for sure, though – a generation of younger sneaker fiends were now familiarising themselves with the storied silhouette.

That said, it’s been the influence of Nike’s biggest drawcard that’s taken the SB line to its undeniable zenith. The ‘Pigeon’ may have caused a riot on the NYC streets, but Travis Scott’s Dunk Low just about .

Few would’ve predicted the current state of affairs, with Nike SB’s marquee model reigning over the culture. We say it’s a win-win ­– the old heads can bask in the nostalgia of SB’s formative era, while the new-gen get to appreciate one of greatest sneakers of all time.

Just be prepared for more Ls – for the time being, anyways.

Header via Laro Lagosta.

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