Celebrating Grey: New Balance Grey Day Events Recap

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It’s hard to think of a more iconic pairing than New Balance and the colour grey. And every New Balance lover knows the shade is most at home on the legendary 574. This year, New Balance celebrated this most perfect of unions on March 15 with their inaugural Grey Day. Events were held across the globe in tribute to the unassuming and sophisticated shade, and to the model that has outlasted trends and fads since its 80s inception.

Fans of the N gathered in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong Dubai, New Zealand, Thailland and Australia to dance, mingle and munch down delicious Grey Day-themed drinks and treats. Check below to see how the events unfolded.



There's no better place to celebrate New Balance's favourite colour than in a dimly lit industrial space in Tokyo. Attendees were surrounded by N-inspired art, from light installations to giant cages crammed with shoes. Live performances entertained the crowds as they rubbed shoulders and toasted all things grey.

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The celebration in Seoul saw 574s in every corner of the room, stacked on giant Ns made from crates and perched on plinths. Popstar IU joined the party, celebrating her love of NB grey with a performance, while artist and tattooist Daniel Snoeks did his super-cool thing, creating a New Balance-inspired piece on the night.

Grey Store Takeover @ Nb Pavilion Flagship Store
Grey Day @ Nb Pavilion Flagship Store Kl Malaysia
Tattoo Artist Annie Tan Iconic N Artist
Group Photo Session
Grey Store Takeover @ Nb Pavilion Flagship Store 2
Fashion Photographer Vincent Paul Yong Iconic N Artist


Grey consumed the New Balance Pavilion store in Kuala Lumpur for Grey Day. Surrounded by racks and racks of apparel – all grey, of course – attendees heard from fashion photographer Vincent Paul Young and tattooist Annie Tan about the significance of grey in their work.,



Singapore’s event took the New Balance N and ran with it. Artworks and installations brought the space to life, and took the iconic logo to places it had never been before. From small scale illustrations to a macramé 574 centrepiece, the pieces embodied what New Balance have always known: grey is limitless adaptable and beautifully timeless.

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Nb20180313 060S
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Hong Kong

It was grey as far as the eye could see in Hong Kong as celebrations took over various retail locations. Spaces were crammed with greyed-out furniture and giant Ns. Hong Kong artist Li Chi-Tak joined the festivities as well, illustrating the over-sized logos with his signature comic book style.

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Mar 8006
Mar 7993
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Mar 7964
Mar 7869
Mar 8019


The importance of grey in art was a theme running through every global event, and Dubai was no different. Emirati sneakerheads walked through an illuminated archway to find themselves surrounded by glowing Ns and artists painting N logos in various shades of grey. The colour scheme also extended to the food, with grey N cookies and grey drinks fuelling partygoers for the evening.

Nz 1
Nb Carlsberg 9
Nb Carlsberg 6
Nb Carlsberg 5
Nb Carlsberg 4
Nb Carlsberg 2

New Zealand

What’s a party without drinks flowing and the music pumping? New Zealand celebrated Grey Day with good vibes and no shortage of 574s. Revellers whiled away the night, clinking glasses with fellow NB enthusiasts in a room whose N logo lighting served as the evening's art.

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Thailand's ode to all things grey broke from the norm and injected some colour. It was housed within a striking grey space, yes, and the shoe of the moment took centre stage, but kaleidoscopic artworks from artist Karma took this Bangkok event to wild and wonderful places.

Melbourne 7
Melbourne 6
,Melbourne 11
Melbourne 3
Melbourne 15


The 574 was front and centre at Grey Day in Melbourne, enjoying pride of place in the centre of the historic Nola Dome. The shoe was surrounded by shining Ns and partygoers with New Balance on feet. The food blew minds as attendees chowed down grey brioche bun sliders and sipped activated charcoal cocktails by Melbourne's esteemed Chin Chin restaurant.

To get in on the celebration of the 574, head over to New Balance to pick up a pair.

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