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Breaking Down the Hysteric Glamour x Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS GEL-Quantum Lylia

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Women’s sneaker collaborations have been regularly gracing the industry throughout 2022. This epic change of pace has seen new collaborators brought to the forefront, as well as mainstays continuing to do their thing. Among fresh colourways on classic models and new silhouettes entirely, there’s been one collaboration that has undoubtedly stood out from the rest – the Hysteric Glamour x Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS GEL-Quantum Lylia. Let’s unpack it here.

When Kiko Met ASICS

Since 2018, Kiko Kostadinov has been one of the sneaker industry’s most indestructible collaborators. Kostadinov and his eponymous label first had the chance to work with ASICS back in 2018. The partnership was a super paradigm-shifting moment for both parties as Kostadinov’s use of the GEL-Burz saw ASICS welcomed with open arms into the high fashion world – a major menswear moment. The GEL-Burz went on to be a big success, selling out at a rate as fast as hyped sneaker collaborations. The following year, Kostadinov delivered the GEL-Delva as part of his ‘Obscured by Clouds’ collection, also becoming popular among his growing cult following at the time.

That same year, Melbourne-born Australian twins Laura and Deanna Fanning would begin their tenure as the creative directors of the house’s womenswear arm, spearheading women’s apparel, accessories and sneakers. Talking about their latest collaboration with Hysteric Glamour to DAZED, Laura Fanning said, ‘It was about asking what Hysteric Glamour would look like had it been started today. Forty years of graphics have been embedded into our subconscious, but we didn’t want to just take those symbols and keep them in the past. We’re thinking about the girl who’s rediscovering iconic pieces on Depop and Etsy. How is she wearing them? How is she mixing them in with her own wardrobe?’

The Cult of Hysteric Glamour

Of course, a Kiko Kostadinov collaboration with Hysteric Glamour was somewhat unexpected in 2022. Originally established in 1984 by founder Nobuhiko Kitamura, he infamously drew upon 1960s and 70s America for inspiration, as well as the post-punk scene, which is often referenced in style and motifs in the brand’s pieces. Today, Hysteric Glamour is still renowned as an OG Japanese anti-fashion label that paved the way for many others like BAPE, UNDERCOVER and more. Throughout the years, it’s remained active, most notably in its 2021 link-up with Supreme, seeing the brands revive HG’s iconic snake print in rainbow.

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