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Best Nike Women’s Colourways that Avoid the Clichés: Part 1

Grape MukhaGrape Mukha

Ever been super keen to check out the latest women’s range from one of your favourite sportswear companies and been bombarded with hits of pink, glitter and/or flowers? Navigating around these well-worn clichés can be difficult. Not to mention trying to find a pair of sneakers that doesn’t have pink slashed somewhere or, much worse, is entirely pink.

Over the years, several brands have tried to target the growing female sneaker market by releasing ‘exclusive’ colourways and collections for women, only to unveil shoes that seem to be made for the stereotypical girly-girl. For the keen female sneakerheads among us, the trick has always been finding something not obnoxiously for the girls only.

Thankfully, seem to have been catering for female tastes better than most (bar the Pastel Air Jordan 1 pack). To save you from trawling the web, we’ve collated a selection of sneakers that Nike have released for women over the years that weren’t dominated by pink and/or floral print. This list offers something for everyone, whether you’re trying to keep it minimalist or go all out. Heads up though, some of these might be hard to find.

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