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The Art of Balling on a Budget

Balling On A Budget Frugal Sneaker HeadBalling On A Budget Frugal Sneaker Head

Your bank account is haemorrhaging, you’re counting down the days to your next pay cheque, you’re avoiding your landlord like the Ebola virus and, worst of all, your favourite mumble rapper just announced a new collaboration, and you need it.

Let’s face it: you have a problem. You . However, the first step to fixing the problem is realising you have one. Now, before you take your dad’s hand-me-down Rolex to the local pawnshop, just stop and take a deep breath. You don’t need to live like this, man!

Being a frugal sneakerhead isn’t easy, but there’s definitely ways you can cop kicks without it costing your life savings (and dignity). Let us help you – check out our thrifty tips below.

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