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Balenciaga’s Boldest Sneakers Ever

Balenciaga X-Pander
Image Credit: Labels Fashion

Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury fashion house founded way back in 1919 by Cristóbal Balenciaga. Over a century old, in 2022 Balenciaga is among the hottest brands on earth. Helmed by none other than fashion genius Demna Gvasalia, he’s made a name for himself not only with inventive ready-to-wear and haute couture, but with sneakers that are bold AF!

A few years ago the Triple S took the internet by storm. Some may remember when they first hit shelves, with high-fashion fiends clamouring to stores trying to secure the most expensive ‘dad sneaker’ of all time. It seems more recently that Gvasalia and his Balenciaga team have been delving deeper into the waters of the obscure. Their sneaker offerings are becoming even more bold and brilliant!

So, it's time to look back at Balenciaga’s boldest sneakers of all time!

Triple S

Whether you like it or not the Triple S had a gargantuan impact on the sneaker scene, specifically in the luxury footwear market. It arrived in 2017 and was designed in-house by Gvasalia, boasting a hefty sole unit down below. At the time it was peak dad-shoe era, Nike Monarchs and chunky soles were all the rage. High fashion was also dabbling in streetwear, the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection hit shelves and brands like Vetements were charging $1000 for graphic hoodies.

Depending on who you ask, the Triple S can be thanked (or blamed) for a seismic shift in the market. It was a weird time, it was one of the first ‘luxury’ sneakers that had sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts alike hyped!


We called the Balenciaga Defender the ‘monster truck of sneakers’ and we weren’t lying! Looking like a pair of Brooks and a 4x4 had a lovechild, it perfectly represents the brand’s satirical and ironic take on fashionable footwear. Championing chunk, the obvious eye-catching detail is the massive sole unit that replicates a tire tread. The rest of the shoe plays into the Y2K buzz, pulling from early 2000s runners.


Touching down mid-way through 2021, the Balenciaga X-Pander is a mix of old and new. A futuristic take on a Y2K running shoe, the heel actually moves when you walk! Recently spotted on Kim Kardashian, these are a bold choice for any high-fashion enthusiast.

Balenciaga x Vibram FiveFinger Heels

Talk about bold! You would have to be pretty courageous to step out in a pair of Vibram’s FiveFinger shoes, and you would have to be straight up fearless to step out in Balenciaga’s heeled version. Released as part of their Fall/Winter 2020 offering, these exude an anti-fashion vibe and are basically a heeled version of the FiveFingers.

Want more? You can peep the latest Balenciaga x adidas collection here!

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