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The All-Time Greatest Vans Old Skools: Part 1

Undercover Hero Vans Old Skool Best Ever FeatureUndercover Hero Vans Old Skool Best Ever Feature

The Old Skool may not be the first-ever Vans silhouette (that would be the Authentic), but it may very well be the one that’s most loved by sneakerheads. Originally introduced in 1977 as the Style 36, the Old Skool was not only the first pair of Vans to incorporate leather panels for added durability, but it also introduced the brand’s signature Sidestripe. What started as a random doodle by Vans co-founder Paul Van Doren has since evolved from its original ‘jazz stripe’ form to become the hallmark of the beloved SoCal brand.

Over 40 years since its debut, the Old Skool is entrenched as a fan-favourite, as well as being the preferred canvas for some of the brand’s best-ever drops. Whether it be the first-ever Supreme x Vans collaboration, Tyler, The Creator’s old Golf Wang kicks, or Blends’ coveted ‘Bones’ releases, the classic low-top has been cemented at the pinnacle of Vans’ footwear offerings, and the one most likely to be customised by your favourite designer.

With that in mind, we’re taking a look back at some of the best-ever Old Skools to hit shelves.

Check out Part One of our favourite releases below, and stay tuned for Part Two of our retrospective look back at the Vans icon.

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