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The Greatest Video Game-Inspired Sneakers Ever: Part II

Nike Dunk Mid 'Ryu'

Sneakers and video games have always been a match made in heaven. From vintage classics like the Nike SB Dunk Low 'Chun Li' to the recent Air Jordan 1 'League of Legends', sneakers and video games continue to power devoted fandom and coveted collectables.

With the next-gen consoles on the horizon, we thought we'd revisit some of the most mega video game–inspired releases in history.

Plug in and slay, it's time for part two!

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Chun Li' (2010) Nike SB Dunk Low 'Chun Li' (2010)

Released as part of Nike's 2010 Fighter Pack (which also included the Dunk Mid 'Ryu' and P-Rod 4 High 'Akuma'), the SB Dunk Low 'Chun Li' is inspired by one of the fastest fighters on the Street Fighter roster.

Composed in 'Argon Blue', the 'Chun Li' combines a mix of nylon and suede, with a special Chun Li printed on the sockliner.

One of the most lethal drops on this list, the 'Chun Li' still delivers a devastating blow all these years later.

,Nike SB Dunk Low Chun Li

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 'Super Mario Bros' (2011) Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 'Super Mario Bros' (2011)

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has one of those uppers that any collaborator salivates over.

This time the GOAT silhouette linked up with Nintendo's Italian plumber for some damn deep drip, the canvas featuring screenshots from the original game!

Triggering all kinds of first-class nostalgia, the Chuck Taylor All Star 'Super Mario Bros' is the kind of retro colab we definitely want to see more of!

Converse All Star Super Mario Bros.

Air Jordan 1 'League of Legends' (2020) Air Jordan 1 'League of Legends' (2020)

Technically this one hasn't released yet, but the super sleek Air Jordan 1 is reportedly inspired by the League of Legends. Belonging to the 'Good Game' collection (which also features an Air Force 1, Air Max 270 React, Air Max 2X, and the Joyride Dual Run 2), the AJ1 looks like it features generous 3M detailing and Nike's on-trend Zoom cushioning.

Inking a deal with Riot Games back in February 2019, the Swoosh became the official outfitter for the League of Legends Pro League, a deal which will extend through until 2022.

It's a bold but clever move from Nike, with the eSports league continuing to grow exponentially every year.

Air Jordan 1 'League of Legends'

Globe Halo Liberty (2013)Globe Halo Liberty (2013)

An obscure gem, the Globe Halo Liberty is inspired by the Master Chief and the UNC’s military armour.

A chunky-as-hell skate shoe, the release is still an aesthetic time capsule for the 2000s skate scene, the design pairing one of the greatest FPS shooters of all time with one of the most popular skate brands of that generation.

Can we please have one more Globe x Halo release for the final instalment of 343's trilogy?

Globe Halo Liberty

Nike SB Dunk Mid 'Ryu' (2010)Nike SB Dunk Mid 'Ryu' (2010)

Taking aesthetic cues from the greatest fighting game of all time, the Nike Dunk Mid 'Ryu' is as nasty as a Hurricane Kick.

A release from the Nike Fighter Pack, the SB Dunk Mid most notably features a tattered Swoosh reminiscent of Ryu's signature red headband, the rest of the colourway of course referencing Ryu's white karate gi with the sleeves torn off and badass black karate belt.



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