The All-Time Greatest Nike Air Max Plus Releases: Part 1

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Few sneakers inspire staunch loyalty like the Nike Air Max Plus. Lovingly referred to on the street as the TN, the AM Plus erupted in the late 1990s. Filled with all the starry-eyed tech-sperimentalism of Swoosh sneakers closing in on the new millennium, the Air Max Plus went nuclear in countries like France and Australia, where various subcultures fell in love with the TN’s belligerent aesthetic. The seven-bubble bad boy of Nike’s Air Max family, these are the greatest TN colourways of all time.

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Tiger’ (1998)Nike Air Max Plus ‘Tiger’ (1998)

Good luck catching a pair of these! One of the wildest colourways in the TN’s storied history, the blood-thirsty Air Max Plus ‘Tiger’ still prowls the consciousness of TN-heads across the globe. Featuring a ferocious gradient of orange, yellow and red, the ‘Tiger’ first landed in 1998, and still holds a firm grip on TN culture to this day.

Nike Air Max Plus 'Tiger'

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Hyper Blue’ (1998)Nike Air Max Plus ‘Hyper Blue’ (1998)

Another one of the indelible OG colourways, the super serene ‘Hyper Blue’ is still making waves all these years later. Emblazoned by a yellow Swoosh, the sky-blue uppers are punctured by Sean McDowell’s swaying palm trees – this time in black. One of the cleanest colourways ever, the sky’s the limit for the Air Max Plus ‘Hyper Blue’!

nike air max plus 'hyper blue'

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Fire Berry’ (2013)Nike Air Max Plus ‘Fire Berry’ (2013)

A European Foot Locker exclusive, the ‘Fire Berry’ absolutely bursts with flavour. Released in 2013, the uber-limited edition ‘Fire Berry’ is still hard to pick, so good luck in your scavenging! Infused with grape-like purple and pink uppers, the Swoosh is unmissable in neon green, a motif extended to the outsole.

nike air max plus fire berry

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Tides’ (2014)Nike Air Max Plus ‘Tides’ (2014)

One for all the devoted TN-heads Down Under, the ‘Tides’ colourway brought another high-tide for the Aussie aficionados. Continuing a similar aesthetic to the legacy OG ‘Hyper Blue’, the ‘Tides’ reaffirmed the resolute loyalty for the TN in Australia, again becoming the envy of collectors across the globe.

Nike Air Max Plus 'Tides'
Foot Locker

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Olympique de Marseille’ (2018)Nike Air Max Plus ‘Olympique de Marseille’ (2018)

Belonging to the French Derby Pack, the Air Max Plus ‘Olympique de Marseille’ was one of two colourways paying homage to French football’s biggest rivalry. Accompanying the ‘PSG’ colourway, it was the ‘Olympique de Marseille’ that eventually took the cake as the best-looking of the pack, the clean colourway still hitting the back of the net three years after its debut.

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Olympique de Marseille’
Foot Locker

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Swimming Pool’ (2016)Nike Air Max Plus ‘Swimming Pool’ (2016)

One of the more neck-cranking colourways in the TN’s history, Nike went deep with the ‘Swimming Pool’ rendition. Obviously inspired by its namesake, the colourway marked a more experimental era for the TN, the 2016 release making a splash in the UK and European market (despite a release during the colder months of the year). Wake up (drank). Sit down (drank). TN? Bank.

nike air max plus swimming pools

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Volcano’ (2020)Nike Air Max Plus ‘Volcano’ (2020)

What’s more scorching than burning-hot magma? The Nike Air Max Plus ‘Volcano’. Erupting in 2020, the ‘Volcano’ delivered an eye-melting palette of black, orange and red, the colourway scorching a fiery path for the TN last year. Somewhat an inversion of the legendary ‘Tiger’ colourway, the ‘Volcano’ is a classic in its own right. Burn on, baby.

Nike Air Max Plus Volcano

Supreme x Nike Air Max Plus (2020)Supreme x Nike Air Max Plus (2020)

A modern classic, the Supreme x Nike TN collaboration was originally teased in the Tokyo-based publication Them Magazine. Belonging to Supreme’s FW20 collection, the designs ostensibly take cues from the recent tie-dye phenomenon and Grateful Dead resurgence sweeping the fashion zeitgeist. The New York streetwear connoisseur marked all three colourways with Supreme letterform in the veins (look closer!), while the iconic TN logo hits the heels.

supreme x nike air max plus

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Sunburn’ (2014)Nike Air Max Plus ‘Sunburn’ (2014)

A scorching-hot Aussie exclusive from 2014, the appropriately-named ‘Sunburn’ colourway is one strictly for a sunburnt country. Not even SPF 100 protects you from these blazing sun rays.

,Nike Air Max Plus 'Sunburn'

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Lava’ (2015)Nike Air Max Plus ‘Lava’ (2015)

Originally landing in 2015, Nike’s burning-hot Air Max Plus ‘Lava’ still oozes heat. One of the most coveted colourways in the vast Air Max Plus catalogue, the liquid-fire ‘Lava’ rendition is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Another exclusive for the lucky Aussies Down Under, the Daredevil-like ‘Lava’ is rumoured to be making a return in 2021.

Nike Air Max Plus 'Lava'

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Rainbow’ (2019)Nike Air Max Plus ‘Rainbow’ (2019)

The Air Max Plus ‘Rainbow’ arrived at the height of the northern hemisphere’s summer in 2019. An expert implementation of the silhouette’s signature gradient hues, the pastel-coloured ‘Rainbow’ remix brings a drip straight from your dreams. Even the hard-edged bad boys from the TN family can’t help but soften for this one.

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This feature was originally published on July 14, 2021.

Nike Air Max Plus 'Rainbow'
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