The All-Time Greatest Nike Air Huarache Colourways

Nike Air Huarache OG

The Nike Air Huarache seems to be undergoing another renaissance period in 2021, quickly approaching levels of market saturation and consumer hype not seen since its last peak circa 2013–14. In the 30 years since the iconic Tinker Hatfield design hit the ground running, there have been plenty of excellent colourways alongside more questionable creations. However, this list compiles the absolute best of the best. These are the all-time greatest Nike Air Huaraches. Enjoy!

Nike Air Huarache ‘Scream Green’ (1991)Nike Air Huarache ‘Scream Green’ (1991)

We could go on ad nauseum about how great this OG Air Huarache colourway is – but we already have over here. TL;DR version: these are the perfect colours to juxtapose the Huarache tech against the crisp whiteness. The ‘Scream Green’ has to be on this list. As should the other OG colourways, TBH. When is the Aquatone coming back?

Tinker Hatfield Holding Nike Air Huarache

Nike Air Huarache ‘ACG/Mowabb Pack’ (2007)Nike Air Huarache ‘ACG/Mowabb Pack’ (2007)

Huarache releases were somewhat few and far between in the back half of the 2000s, so this three-pack certainly got peoples attention when it dropped in 2007. These colourways are borrowed from another Tinker Hatfield classic of that era – the Mowabb – and it looks great. There are plenty of hallmarks that got the tick of approval back on the Sneaker Freaker Forum: speckled midsoles, perforated leather toe boxes, and an authentic inspiration that makes a lot of sense.

Nike Air Huarache ACG Mowabb Pack 2007

Stussy x Nike Air Huarache (2000)Stussy x Nike Air Huarache (2000)

Golden era collectors have always revered the Stussy x Nike Huaraches for their enviable balance of prestige and wearability. Somehow, the olive and yellow toe pair (not pictured here) was actually partly responsible for the silhouette (and the particular colourway) taking off in the UK during the mid-2010s. In 2013, TV pretty boy Joey Essex tweeted a picture of the rare Huas – and the rest is history. The ‘Desert Oak’ and ‘Dark Olive’ colourways were also very prescient, rocking the earthy tones almost 20 years ahead of the current zeitgeist.

Stussy Nike Air Huarache Desert Oak

Nike Air Huarache ‘Teal’ Sample (2003)Nike Air Huarache ‘Teal’ Sample (2003)

This is probably one of the rarest Huarache colourways that never officially saw the light of day. Heads turned, necks snapped, and keyboards were caps locked when images of the ‘Teal’ samples did the rounds on sneaker forums way back when. This colourway possibly could have been a complement to the similarly-shaded Air Max 1 from 2004. The only other Huarache from this era with a contrast toe box was the ‘Olive’ Stussy pair. @britguy79, 09 still wants em!

Nike Air Huarache Teal Sample 2003 Britguy79

Nike Air Huarache ‘Wings & Waffles’ (2004)Nike Air Huarache ‘Wings & Waffles’ (2004)

The Nike ‘Wings & Waffles’ pack paid tribute to legendary runner Hicham El Guerrouj, and the silver-grey outfit he wore when he broke the 1500m world record back in 1998. There is apparently also a story that did the rounds claiming El Guerrouj would chow down on chicken wings and waffles before (or was it after?) a race, hence the name of the pack. A Huarache was included in the pack, and its nubuck and leather build made it a great winter shoe. It’s also one of the GOAT colourways.

Nike Air Huarache Wings Waffles 2004
laurenhjkay (eBay)

Nike Air Huarache ‘Chestnut’ (1992)Nike Air Huarache ‘Chestnut’ (1992)

We’d add the other ‘Praline’ brown OG, but the aforementioned ACG/Mowabb pack sort of covers that base. The ‘Chestnut’ (aka ‘Toadstool’ – both are part of the colourway name), on the other hand, is an OG edition that needs to be on this list. That leather! That neoprene! Those shades of brown! Enough said. Who knows if Nike created these tanks to be a winter warmer for the hardcore Huarache runners, or whether they were a comfortable cruiser, a la the Air Safari a few years before. Either way, the ‘Chestnut’ looks right at home on this list.

Nike Air Huarache Chestnut Toadstool 1992

Nike Air Huarache ‘Slate’ (1992)Nike Air Huarache ‘Slate’ (1992)

While the ‘Praline’ got scratched, the ‘Slate’ sibling from 1992 needs full attention. It is GORGEOUS. Some real moody blues are going on here on these all-time Huaraches. They’ve never been retroed properly – the 2014 attempt doesn’t count – and, to be honest, they never should be. There are some things you had to be there for and, when it was still wearable, the Slate was one of them.

Nike Air Huarache Slate 1992
gooey_wooey (Flickr)

Nike Air Huarache ‘Triple Black’ (2014)Nike Air Huarache ‘Triple Black’ (2014)

If some of you are questioning the inclusion of this ubiquitous release in an all-time list, sometimes you have to look outside of the microcosm that is the sneakersphere. The ‘Triple Black’ Huarache was 2014’s equivalent of the Air Jordan 1 or Nike SB Dunk today – everyone and their mother wanted a pair. The black synthetic suede and mesh sneakers were everywhere, yet it was simultaneously incredibly difficult to cop a pair at retail whenever they restocked. The same can be said for the ‘Triple White’ antithesis, but the noir edition transcended the widest cross-section of society.

,Nike Air Huarache Triple Black 2014
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