The All-Time Greatest Clarks Collaborations

Oi Polloi Clarks Wallabee Unicorn
Oi Polloi

Clarks are definitely having another moment in the sun right now. While exhibiting a canny ability to harness recent collaborations with big hitters like Aime Leon Dore and Supreme, Clarks have definitely been on that teamwork tip for a hot minute. Here’s a compilation of some of the best Clarks colabs from years gone by.

nanamica x Clarks Wallabee GTX (2013)nanamica x Clarks Wallabee GTX (2013)

Japanese technical casual wear masters nanamica are known for adapting outdoors garment features into urban settings, so they gave the Clarks Wallabee a GORE-TEX upgrade. At the same time, the usual crepe rubber sole was swapped for a brick red Vibram Christy unit.

nanamica Clarks Wallabee GORE-TEX

BEAMS x Clarks Desert Rock (2019)BEAMS x Clarks Desert Rock (2019)

Japanese retail giant BEAMS paired the OG Clarks Desert Boot upper to a lugged Vibram sole – and added GORE-TEX – to create the Desert Rock. Such a practical and rugged update to a 50-plus-year-old model.

Beams Clarks Desert Rock

Futura x Clarks Wallabee (2008)Futura x Clarks Wallabee (2008)

Artist Futura created a sick paint-splattered pair of black Wallabees back in 2008, adding to his Clarks colab count from 2006 to 2011. This rendition most clearly connects back to Futura’s graff background, but his other atomised versions aren’t to be scoffed at.

,Futura Clarks Wallabee

Goodhood x Clarks Wallabee (2016)Goodhood x Clarks Wallabee (2016)

Trendy boutique Goodhood left their mark on low and high cuts of the Wallabee by adding paint streaks, shearling lining, and plenty of spare swing tags. They were doing Clarks Wallabee colabs cool before they were cool.

Goodhood Clarks Wallabee

Oi Polloi x Clarks Wallabee (2012)Oi Polloi x Clarks Wallabee (2012)

UK boutique Oi Polloi have long sung the praises of Clarks and crepe soles, so it was inevitable they ended up working together on the Wallabee. In their press release, Oi Polloi hilariously insisted the Wallabees were made from unicorn leather, before abruptly admitting it was elk leather – ‘probably the closest thing to a unicorn?’ They were served in two delicious shades of ‘Wasabi’ green and ‘Dijon’ tan. A great example of a collaborator that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Oi Polloi Clarks Wallabee Unicorn
Oi Polloi

Todd Snyder x Clarks Wallabee (2020)Todd Snyder x Clarks Wallabee (2020)

New York tastemaker Todd Snyder has only had one collaboration with Clarks so far, but he made it count by introducing very rich tapestry to the Wallabee’s uppers. A Persian rug for the feet, the fine design looked right at home on the spongy crepe.

Todd Snyder Clarks Wallabee
Todd Snyder

Supreme x Clarks Wallabee (2015)Supreme x Clarks Wallabee (2015)

Supreme and Clarks have been collaborating regularly for over a decade, but they really came into their own in 2015 with these two-toned Wallabees. A pretty obvious reference to the custom dyed pairs championed by the likes of Ghostface Killah, this colab was definitely for old New York and OG hip hop heads.

Supreme Clarks Wallabee 2015

Hanon x Clarks Traxter (2013)Hanon x Clarks Traxter (2013)

Scotland’s Hanon are regular collaborators with Padmore & Barnes (who were producing shoes under contract for Clarks), but they’ve also worked with Clarks a handful of times. The Traxter was a niche model that Hanon styled with waterproof Ventile uppers and clear lace toggles – think of them as a modern take on the Desert Trek.

Hanon Clarks Traxter

MF DOOM x Clarks Wallabee (2014)MF DOOM x Clarks Wallabee (2014)

All caps when you spell the man’s name… The hip hop connection with the Clarks Wallabee was solidified by the heavyweight co-sign of everyone’s favourite rapper’s favourite rapper: the enigmatic MF DOOM. The brown tumbled leather was buttery soft, and low-key fire – as Clarks colabs should be.

MF DOOM Clarks Wallabee

Hobo x Clarks Desert Trek (2009)Hobo x Clarks Desert Trek (2009)

Hobo started off as a carryology brand based out of Japan, and created a quirky take on the Desert Trek by adding fringed collars to the ankle. They’d repeat this magic on other Clarks models over the years.

Hobo Clarks Desert Trek

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