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The All-Time Greatest Air Jordan 3s: Part 1

jordan and mars blackmon air jordan 3
via Nike

It's hard to imagine just where the sneaker world would be if it wasn't for the .

Launched in January 1988, the AJ3 will forever be associated with MJ's soaring dunk from the free throw line, his second dunk contest victory, All-Star Game MVP honours, and the first of his five regular-season MVP awards. It also managed to make Spike Lee's Mars Blackmon a household name, and introduced a trio of instant icons: elephant print, , and the one and only Jumpman. In fact, if it weren't for Hatfield's design, there may not even be a .

In honour of the Air Jordan 3's place in footwear lore, we're taking a look back at the best versions of the silhouette to ever hit shelves.

Check out 10 of our favourites below.

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