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01 Sep 2021

Features BIOM 2.0 EccoSponsored

A Lesson in Logomania: The ECCO BIOM 2.0 and Multi-Vent GORE-TEX


Logos are the insignias that give entities identities. While there was a period of time when branding went minimal as a shift towards clean executions, brands like ECCO have bucked the trend and recalled the audacious overbranding of the Logomania era with their newest release.

The BIOM 2.0 and Multi-Vent – two flagship casual styles in the ECCO chamber – are technological wonders in street-ready packages, and they’re not afraid to shout out this fact. Considering that ECCO founder Karl Toosbuy was the first person ever to imprint the company name on their shoes’ outsoles, the importance of logos is definitely not lost here.

Flash some logos with the new GORE-TEX infused BIOM 2.0 and Multi-Vent releases right now from ECCO.

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