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5 Ways to Fuel Your Sneaker Love From Home

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It’s a testing time for all, the sneaker world included, but that doesn’t mean your footwear affection has to waver while you’re socially distancing at home.

We’re living in uncertain times, but there’s certainly plenty of ways you can feed your sneaker addiction and spruce up your collection without stepping a foot outside.

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Support the Homies!

Social distancing doesn’t mean isolating yourself from new sneakers. Now, more than ever, the retailers need your support.

So, if you’ve got some spare cash to spare, why not jump online and add a fresh pair to your cart. Best do it ASAP, too – there’s plenty of great deals floating about.

Check out our sneaker sale round-up here.

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Clean Your Creps!

Wash your hands – and your sneakers! We know they're meant to be worn, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some TLC from time to time. Now that you’re stuck at home, you’ve got no excuse for dirty creps.

Time to bust out that scrub brush and some elbow grease. Trust us, your feet (and floor) will thank you.

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Refine Your Rotation

Whether your rotation is mildly unwieldy or straight-up out of control, now's a great time to go through it with a fine-tooth comb.

Of course, if you’re an avid footwear aficionado, you’ll need to think about storage solutions. Lucky for you, we’ve got a go-to guide for maximising your sneaker storage potential.

Your sneakers are likely an investment - best try to protect ‘em.

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Does it Spark Joy?

We know downsizing your beloved collection can be a painful process, but a little KonMari might help bring some clarity during these certain times. A little extra coinage could help ease the anxiety, too!

Choosing which pairs to part ways with is never easy - they’re your babies, after all - but there's definitely some key practices you should to abide by.

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Knowledge is Power

Many are using self-isolation as an opportunity to catch up on much-needed reading. If you’re a sneakerhead, there’s no better time to educate yourself.

We suggest getting stuck into The Ultimate Sneaker Book, diving deeper into the materials, looking back at the history of the game, and simply just nerding out on some of quirkier aspects of the culture. Even though you’re stuck inside, doesn’t mean you can’t let your mind run free.

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