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5 Sneakers You Should Bring on Vacation

Holiday sneakersHoliday sneakers

After over a year of lockdowns and closed borders, the world is slowly opening up again, and with it, the urge to indulge feelings of wanderlust that have been brewing. We may not be globetrotting yet – that may take a while longer – but we’re packing our bags, even if only for a long weekend getaway. And you know what that means… the inevitable choice of which sneakers to bring on holiday.

Anyone who’s faced this conundrum before knows it’s a tough choice and that there are many boxes to tick. You have to consider comfort, occasion and activity – as well as quantity.

We’ve taken the liberty of laying out some of these considerations, so that next time you have to pack, your sneaker selection is already locked in. Bon Voyage!

An Everyday Sneaker

When it comes to vacation shoes, this will be the most important decision you make – the shoe you’ll be wearing every day. Yes, highflyers may be carting around multiple suitcases and can thus afford the space needed for multiple everyday drivers, but here I’m talking to the layperson for whom suitcase space is at a premium! To this end, your primary pair should go with the outfits you’ve packed and be something you’re willing to wear for days on end. It goes without saying that your choice needs to be, above all else, comfortable enough to get you through a days worth of sightseeing. Warning: having worn them (almost) every day on your holiday, you might get realllly sick of them, and never want to wear them again upon your return. Just saying…

A ~Dress~ Sneaker

Whether youre sampling your chosen citys nightlife, or living the high life at a ritzy restaurant or nightclub, youre going to want to have a nice pair of sneakers to help you transition from day to night. Now, dress sneaker doesnt have to mean black and leather, a simple colourway and pared back design will suffice. Just not something that looks like a runner. Think Converse Chuck 70s in classic black, or something a little luxe like the Common Projects Achilles.

A Hiking Sneaker

Whether or not you make this addition obviously depends on where you’re headed. If you’re trekking, it goes without saying that you’ll want a good pair of hiking shoes. Luckily, thanks to the surge in popularity of GORP-core and outdoors sneakers in recent years, you can play to form and function in Salomon or ACG (and many more!), and look good when you hit the trail.


Not strictly sneakers, but the trusty slide is a must for your travels. They’re light and compact, so storing them isn’t an issue, and they’re multi-functional. If you’re headed into sunshine, they’re a no-brainer, whether you trawl them down to the beach or rock ‘em by the pool. A tricked out pair of the pocket-bearing Nike Benassi will do the double duty of keeping your keys safe while you hit the water. Or you can go simple with Yeezy Slides or adidas Adilettes. Of course, if you’re hitting hostels or campsites, a waterproof set is a must for wearing in questionable shower facilities.


Now, this is a general consideration that can be applied to any of the above categories. If you can swing it, try subbing a current-rotation pair for a beater nearing its last legs – one that will see you through the holiday, but that you could throw out before you return. It’s a win-win: you’ll either be returning from your journey with less baggage (a double-plus if you’re taking a plane), or you’ll have more room to bring back new purchases – including a new pair!

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