5 of Kawhi Leonard’s Most Legendary Sneakers

Air Jordan 1 Pass The Torch Close

When news of Kawhi Leonard leaving Jordan Brand first hit the airwaves last year, NBA analysts seriously scratched their heads. Why leave a lucrative $22 million contract with the emperors of the sneaker industry?

Never doubt the Board Man.

The finals MVP and two-time NBA champion dances to the beat of his own drum, marching North to bring The Six their first championship, lacing the nastiest basketball sneaker of the 2018-2019 NBA season, and orchestrating one of the most Machiavellian free agency deals in history.

What it do baby!

New Balance Omn1S Packaging
New Balance OMN1S 'All-Star'
New Balance Omn1S Blue White Close
New Balance OMN1S '2-Way'
,New Balance Omn1S Return Of The Fun Guy 1
New Balance OMN1S 'Return of the Fun Guy'

New Balance OMN1S

The New Balance OMN1S was our favourite basketball silhouette of the 2018-19 NBA season.

New Balance took hardwood storytelling to razor sharp new heights, using the Kawhi Leonard ‘Klaw’ motif as the galvanising force behind the design. There have already been plenty of lethal OMN1S colourways revealed, but it was the recent ‘Return of the Fun Guy’ Clippers rendition that really lit-up the sneakersphere, the SoCal colourway selling out within minutes.

The battle for Tinseltown is on – expect New Balance to continue to rollout the kind of shimmering, captivating colourways reminiscent of LA’s bright lights.

Air Jordan 6 Pe Ring Night Close
Air Jordan 6 'Ring Night' | @jumpman23
Air Jordan 6 The Ring Night Left
Air Jordan 6 'Ring Night' | @jumpman23
Air Jordan 6 The Ring Night Heel
Air Jordan 6 'Ring Night' | @jumpman23

Air Jordan 6 ‘Ring Night’

The Air Jordan 6 ‘Ring Night’ PE is as clean as you like, the Jordan Brand opting for regal, white leather uppers for the reigning Finals MVP. Dropping back in 2014 while he was still playing with the Spurs, the signature celebrated Kawhi Leonard’s first championship ring, the 6 ft 7 utility lacing them in 2015 for the season opener (and ring ceremony) against the Dallas Mavericks. Although unfortunately not playing any minutes due to an injury, Kawhi Leonard nevertheless provided plenty of heat from the sidelines. The Air Jordan 6 'Ring Night' is as pure as Fun Guy’s press conferences, Kawhi Leonard’s gilded Klaw logo slapped against the trunk and speckled icy soles reflecting the blood in his veins. Ice, baby.

Air Jordan 11 Gold Pe
Air Jordan 11 'Metallic Gold' PE | Nice Kicks

Air Jordan 11 ‘Metallic Gold’ PE

Shield your eyes, this one’s straight up dangerous. The shimmering Air Jordan 11 ‘Metallic Gold’ PE debuted on Christmas Day, 2016, the regal, two-toned build ushering in a new era of Kawhi dominance.

Recalling Usher’s Air Jordan 11 ‘Solid Gold’ PE from 2011, Kawhi Leonard’s AJ11 has the kind of clairvoyant stylings forecasting the numerous rings Kawhi will be wearing out in Los Angeles.

Air Jordan 13 Kawhi Leonard Black Paw Pe
Air Jordan 13 Low PE | Nice Kicks

Air Jordan 13 Low PE

Kawhi Leonard turned out the lights on the Air Jordan 13 Low PE. Built with black patent leather, the Air Jordan 13 was perfect for the silent assassin, who methodically slices up his competition. Yes, the paw became a Klaw with this exclusive rendition of the Air Jordan 13 Low, and the luxe, gold-tipped colourway kept it humble like the pies Kawhi’s been serving up in the North.

Air Jordan 1 Pass The Torch Laces
Air Jordan 1 'Pass the Torch' | Nike
,Air Jordan 1 Pass The Torch Close
Air Jordan 1 'Pass the Torch' | Sole Collector
Air Jordan 1 Pass The Torch Right
Air Jordan 1 'Pass the Torch' | StockX

Air Jordan 1 ‘Pass the Torch’

One of the nastiest Air Jordan 1s in the last decade, the ‘Pass the Torch’ remix stomped onto courts to inaugurate Kawhi Leonard’s scintillating Game 3 performance during the 2014 NBA Finals. Going nuclear for 24 points, The Klaw led the San Antonio Spurs to their fifth NBA championship, pouring water on the Miami Heat three-peat, and earning himself his first Finals MVP. The poetic resonance of the Air Jordan 1 ‘Pass the Torch’ was not lost on all those in the arena, the chromed-out silhouette pre-empting the kind of nasty jumpers Kawhi has been hitting ever since.

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