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5 Swoosh-Free Basketball Sneakers You Have to Play in This Season

Puma Clyde Hardwood On Foot

In need of a serious jumpstart, the performance basketball market has been brought back to life in the year 2019. Sneaker brands took the defibrillator to the game, electrifying the category with plenty of game-changing creations.

remain the reigning champs, but the competition is no doubt heating up. The  keep flexin’ their claws, building a powerful playing roster after returning to the market following a lengthy hiatus. Meanwhile,  have entered the game with the help of a of their own. And, not to be forgotten, there’s the ever-present threat from the .

While Nike and continue to rule the performance basketball realm, other sneaker giants are looking to challenge the throne, pushing the boundaries of performance and panache, while also adding a little throwback flair to the mix for the good measure.

Trust us – you don’t have to don the Swoosh for a fire on-court fit. Here’s our top picks from the contenders.

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