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2021 is the Year of Nike Cork Sneakers

Nike Cork Sneakers 2021 Header

Cork may be an ancient material, but in 2021 it's still in the spotlight as a potential sustainable solution to lessen the impact of manufacturing sneakers. Nike are popping off the versatile material onto a growing number of their classic designs, as they edge closer to their Move To Zero company pledge.

One way they're achieving this is by incorporating more recycled and natural materials into their sneakers, such as cork. One common eco trait these new shoes share is the cork that's blended into the outsoles. This partially recycled cork has come via the wine industry, or has been harvested from cork tree bark. The process used to extract the bark thankfully doesn't harm the tree one bit, and allows complete regeneration!

Similarly, many of the uppers of these reworked models use recycled polyester canvas in place of synthetically produced and dyed materials. All of which results in a higher percentage (by weight) of the shoes being made from recycled components.

Among the heavy hitters from this down-to-earth collection is a series of Air Max 97s, Air Max 95s and Air Max 90s. Needless to say, they're all corkers! Check out the colourways and SKU codes below as they start streaming into stores throughout this year.

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