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10 Vintage Sneaker Sellers You Need to Follow on IG

nolicenceshop Nike Air Huarache OG Resin 1992

Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, you can browse and buy sneakers from anywhere in the world. Without so much as lifting a finger or two, and short of rustling through crates of musty shoes from yesteryear, savvy shoppers can find some of the finest vintage pieces just by jumping onto the Internet.

While diving into dead-stockrooms and brick-and-mortar stores is still lots of fun, scanning through thousands of different niche vintage sellers on the ‘Gram is an entirely different adventure. Here are 10 global merchants to narrow down your hunt by just a smidge.

No License Shop (London, UK)

Mark Dear and Felix Dean were born in sportswear, so they have a particular eye for archive-quality pieces and intriguing one-offs. It also means they know the story behind every single item that passes through their (online) doors. If OG Air Huaraches aren’t to your liking, then perhaps some obscure late-90s Reebok model is right up your alley! While some items are obtained for No License Shop’s personal collection, you might just find your next Grail with the right offer!

NibuA’s Vintage Shop (Avignon, France)

NibuA’s been doing their thing for well over a decade now, and have harnessed the power of the Internet to source and sell some of the most pristine 1970s to 2000s sneakers you’ll ever see. An overwhelming majority of the stock is completely DS in box! It’s not just an online hustle though; the business helps source display items for the Sneakers Museum in Marseille, which is run with two other partners.

Bambas Vintage Sneaker Shop (Switzerland)

It’s no secret that European vintage sneaker sellers have a soft spot for old-school runners. Expect to see plenty of those on Bambas’ IG page, but it’s not all sneakers older than you. Modern classics and colabs also get the nod. However, there’s also a healthy selection of ASICS that haven’t been retroed (yet!) that might catch your eye. Bonus points to Bambas for the colour-coordinated backgrounds too.

Roots BK (USA)

The entity behind Roots BK, as the name suggests, is a New York City native who grew up in Brooklyn during the mean 1980s and 90s. Which means there’s a heavy presence from Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and The North Face on the apparel side. Of course, with feet first in mind, this also sees plenty of Nike heavy hitters from that era, particularly basketball, tennis, and trail shoes that complement classics like Air Force 1s and Dunks.

PLAYGROUND (Tokyo, Japan)

PLAYGROUND is hidden away in Yoyogi Park – because they’re not on Google Maps. Operating as a hangout space/vintage store, some of the product on show can only be described as niche. Beyond random Dunks and Air Force 1s that are keeping with consumer trends, there are some truly random pieces from the Swoosh and adidas archives, among other brands. Ever seen Mark Gonzales’ signature sneaker from 1999? Now you have.

RetroSexual Vintage (Newcastle, UK)

Spicy by name and nature. Having started in 2017, RSV may be relative newcomers in the vintage game, but their depth of knowledge and penchant for 1990s-2000s kicks is to be reckoned with. Such is their authority for old-school that they’ve worked with Nike, adidas, and PUMA’s respective HQs on special projects. Despite their online-only presence, RSV aren’t afraid to throw down their Sunday best at Newcastle’s local swap meets. Beyond shoes, they’ve also got some pretty quirky knickknacks!

The Stitch Up (Sydney, Australia)

Despite its name, you won’t be getting stitched up visiting one of Sydney’s little sneaker gems. The Stitch Up may have newer inventory on show, but stepping into their Newtown shop is like going back through time. Their shelving setup is reminiscent of childhood sneaker stores, and the shelves are heaving with product. Plus, that custom shop sign, giant Air Max 95 shoebox seat, and old console displays are great. Down Under’s got that retro thunder!

Meln Niki (EU)

Meln Niki has mastered both a clean-looking IG feed and sourcing intriguing product that hits the niche of European retro runner steez. Despite the heavy Swoosh presence of forgotten gems, and not-often-seen tidbits, there are some left-field entries from adidas and Reebok too. Generally speaking, men’s sizes 8 to 11.5 are catered for, but sometimes there are also select women’s pieces. If you need something to complete your tracksuit look, this is your go-to.

Doctor Funk’s Gallery (USA)

Doctor Funk, aka Chad Little, perhaps has the best professional credentials in this list. He’s been sourcing vintage sneakers and sportswear for over 20 years, fuelling a lifelong dream to work in the footwear industry, which included a six-year stint at Nike as a designer alongside some GOATs. Since settling down in the North West, the Littles have continued putting together a killer collection of some truly never-before-seen bits – and it’s for sale!

Viola by Westend Vintage (Berlin, Germany)

Viola by Westend Vintage may be a familiar spot to West Berliners, but if you’re on the other side of the world, here’s a quick rundown. Despite setting up shop in 2019, the team have combined decades of experience between them thrifting and sniffing out rare finds. Such was their prowess for old gold that the adidas Originals store in Berlin hosted them in a vintage pop-up! No doubting the credentials there. Find heavy hitters from the 90s to now.

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