Why Doesn’t Damian Lillard Want BOOST in His Sneakers?

August 8, 2017

Damian Lillard’s newest signature has just been unveiled. The shoe is a weapon tuned for peak performance, so why doesn’t it feature BOOST technology?

A Twitter user had the same question. And he asked Lillard directly: ‘Bruh I like what you’re doing with your kicks but why haven’t you added the BOOST technology I am curious?’ Dame’s response was simple; the athlete said using the tech would make his sneakers more expensive than he’d like them to be, which earned him nothing but praise on Twitter and probably a few extra fans, too.

Sole Collector expounded on the subject, noting that when they spoke with Lillard he cited his preference for playing in BOUNCE tech. ‘It’s closer to what I’ve always played in than anything else is,’ he said. ‘Every time I’m in meetings about my shoes and how I want them to feel, I always talk about softer materials, and BOUNCE is really soft.’

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