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Packer Jerseycity

Founded in 1907, the original Packer Shoes store, located in Yonkers, NY was a cornerstone institution of Ashburton Avenue for over ninety years. Those roots became the foundation for the launch of a next generation store in Teaneck, New Jersey back in 2004. What began as an extension of a local family business spanning three generations has grown into a globally recognized destination, rich in knowledge and passion for the culture and the product that we carry.
As one of the pioneering boutique sneaker shops in the U.S., we have been building relationships with brands and our customers since our doors first opened, eventually expanding to a second location in Jersey City. While many shops have come and gone, we’ve been fortunate enough to thrive and become one of the most respected and well-known retailers in the world. As we currently celebrate our 110th year in business, we’re still remaining true to the principles that got us to where we are today – a reverence and appreciation for the product we carry and the customers who support us.

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