Is It Time To Give Kanye West Control Of Adidas

VERSUS: Is it Time to Give Kanye Control of adidas?

Date: April 12 2019

By: Sneaker Freaker


‘It’s f*cking obvious right?’ Kanye West told Interview magazine back in February. ‘I’ve been fighting and struggling and arguing and talking and having conversation after conversation about being the creative director of adidas.’

But should Mr. West really have to plead?

Ever since dropping the Yeezy BOOST 750 in 2015, Kanye West has provided adidas with an explosive cultural relevance erstwhile unseen between artist and brand. In Q4 alone, the Yeezy brand reported a 600% increase in sales, while Kanye’s partner in crime over in Paris, Virgil Abloh, whipped up a frenzy with his first Louis Vuitton collection.

Is it time to 'Make adidas Great Again'? Or will installing Kanye West as the Creative Director of adidas merely contribute to the toxic phenomenon propelling celebrity over rationality?

As always, make your vote count below! 

Is It Time To Give Kanye West Control

Evan Vucci | AP Photo


So not only does Kayne want to be President of the United States, he now also wants to take control of adidas…


Could it get much worse? Drumpf's political tenure speaks for itself. And what have adidas given us lately? Kanye West has been doing all the cultural and economic heavy-lifting for Team Trefoil ever since the 350 and 750 dropped back in 2015!


It takes a long time to action change, and a rash decision like making Kanye the CEO is ludicrous. Wake up Mr West! The Overkill ZX 10.000C colab was dope and considered. I’m gunna hit up our guys in Berlin to get me a pair!


Okay, I'll give Three Stripes the Overkill ZX 10.000C colab, but their relevance is fading. Signing Beyonce ain't gunna reverse that. Mercurial minds have creative outcomes. Spontaneity and unpredictability is exactly what adidas needs right now. Look at what Virgil Abloh did with Louis Vuitton! Ye's boy smashed LV's previous link up with Supreme by 30 per cent!


Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand with exclusive collections. adi is a sporting conglomerate with thousands of different lines. You telling me Kanye should be in charge of it all? Sporting kits will end up being beige! MAGAdidas hats?! You can’t have someone running a brand like adidas while spitting wild political rhetoric; it’s irresponsible.


Kanye's in a feverish state right now, but between TMZ, Sunday Service and Yandhi, Ye's been dropping some of the most talked about sneakers in 2019. Did you suss the 700 V2? Yeezy sales spiked 600 per cent in Q4. Think about that for a second... 600 per cent. When is the last time you seriously wanted an adidas sneaker?


We’re talking about Kanye taking ownership of the brand – the big dog in town. Let’s think about this for a minute. This is the same man who came out against his previous sponsor, Nike. Kanye's just about the money. Yes, Yeezy sales are great and Kanye is taking a fat slice of that cake. Sure, adi is prospering with those sales. But why merge the two? Leave those with an actual CV (not just celebrity status) to make the decisions.


What kind of CVs are running the joint over at adidas? Bring in the Kanye Effect – he's 100 per cent the only one making adidas relevant right now. adi's relevance is fading so fast I can barely make out the stripes...


Did you hear the leaked track this week? Shoot up the station. Working in a journalistic profession was already dangerous. We risk our lives here; every damn day. What happens if he becomes Commander in Chief at adidas? Him and Trump gunna ruin us if we give the new BOOST a bad review...


Business analysts have legitimately called Kanye West a 'halo' for adidas. His Yeezy brand has provided a warm glow for the rest of adi's lineup. Bugger the anodyne environment for brands... can you imagine Kanye's hilarious anti-Nike advertisements? The current adidas Creative Director (Paul Gaudio) has been at adidas for 15 years ffs.


It’s not ‘blood stains the coliseum doors’. It’s blood stains the adidas doors by the look of things ... to quote Kanye, I’m so tired of all the lies.


Did you see the way he dropped the 700 V2 'Geode'? From a lemonade stand! I'm talking about genuinely inventive marketing strategies and generating real buzz.


The lemonade stand was just a last ditch attempt to change public perception. He holds no merit anymore. Have you been living under a rock? In the last decade, he’s referred to himself as two different gods. He thinks he’s a GOD. But then has the audacity to hold a ‘Sunday Service’? Sacrilege...


Maybe I have been living under a rock. Do you know what a 'geode' is...



'A small cavity in rock lined with crystals.' Mine Yeezy's creative potential or get left in the dust. I'm out. 


The only thing getting mined from a pair of Yeezys is a USB bro. Think about this: Kanye is now the laughing stock of the world. We put a USB in a pair of Yeezys and people had to GENUINELY consider if it was real or not. That ain’t the guy I want running any brand.

The Aftermath! 

Voting is now over! As we always do with VERSUS, we put the vote in your hands to determine a winner. The Results? 33% of you felt that Kanye West should be handed the keys to adidas, leaving 67% of you totally against the idea!

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Header Image: Stephen Lovekin | Shutterstock

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