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VERSUS: Do We Need to Stop Complaining About Resellers?

Date: June 13 2019

By: Boon Mark Souphanh


Whether you like it or not, resellers are part of the sneaker landscape as we know it.

And while the secondary sneaker market continues to evolve, the ‘these resellers are killing the game!’ comment pops up time and time again.

The sneaker industry is growing, more resellers are going pro, and Ls on limited releases are simply the norm. Is it about time you stopped complaining about it?

Two of Sneaker Freaker’s finest have their opinions on the matter. What’s yours? Vote below.

Boon Chat

Dude, can you believe I had to pay resell on those Air Jordan 4 'Bred' I copped last month? What is this world coming to?

Jacob Chat

Seriously... no one wants to pay more than retail, but it’s nothing new! We’ve all done it, and many of us still sell a few pairs here and there – them’s the breaks... At least you didn’t have your heart set on the sacai x Nike LDV Waffle!

Boon Chat

Well, if I felt I had a chance against the resellers and the bots, I wouldve tried to get a pair. Thats the whole problem: even if you actually want to cop one of the new releases, youve got no chance if its hyped or limited! 

Jacob Chat

Alright, I’m going to give you a scenario. Listen up. You won the raffle for the sacais, you wait the whole week for your package to arrive, you excitedly unbox them and then, this feeling grows in your stomach, you know what it is, but you don’t want to admit it to yourself – you hate the fugly shoe. That diving board on the back makes your ankles look weird. 

Lucky for you, you remember that I wanted them. Are you telling me you’re going to sell them to me for retail? Of course not! 

We live in a capitalist society. Money talks. And if there’s a dollar to be made, you’re not going to pass it up. Gone are the days when you could walk into a retailer and land a limited release. It’s the best time to be a sneakerhead, there’s more releases than the ‘good old days’, and more stuff is available than ever. You’ll make a dime on those sacais, so that you can buy that house you’ve been talking about…

Boon Chat

Id already be able to afford that house if I didnt have to pay insane resell prices for sneakers that I actually want to wear! And, sorry, Im not buying into this whole capitalist crap. The best part about the sneaker game has always been its sense of community, the sneaker fam. Whats happened to that now? Have you been to any meet-ups or launches recently? I see more Gen X Instagram influencer clones than actual sneakerheads. Theyre getting their parents to buy the damn sneakers because they saw some mumble rapper wearin em, not because they actually like them. This is all playing right into the hands of the resellers.

Jacob Chat

I’m not saying capitalism is right, but it’s our shared reality. You’re not anymore of a sneakerhead because you wear your shoes and don’t resell. You don’t know the most because you dirty the soles of the stash in your backroom. There are different types of collectors now. This industry has changed, man. But let’s focus on the positives. Resellers have kept this industry alive. It’s no longer the niche boys club that it once was. Thanks to social media and hype, all the retailers have been able to keep their doors wide open. If it weren’t for this generation and interest in this lifestyle, the minimums these stores had to buy were going to eventually bury them. 

You talk about community — I’d argue it’s the biggest and most inclusive it’s ever been. A market like this can’t last forever, and when it does fall to bits, there’s going to be some easy Grails to cop. Keep it on the low for now, I’ll let these resellers make a buck and keep these stores open.

Boon Chat

These sneaker stores would be selling out all these limited releases even without the help of resellers and hypebeasts. Its about the sneakers getting into the hands of the people who actually want them. The notion of having a reseller stocking 10 pairs of a coveted release when they could be in the hands of actual sneakerheads doesnt sit well with me. 

At the end of the day, Im not hating the players, Im hating the game.

Jacob Chat

As Martin Shkreli once said, ‘Everybody’s doing it. In capitalism, you try to get the highest price you can for a product’.

The resale market ebbs and flows, I’ve sold for market value and I’ve ripped myself off. It doesn’t really matter in the long run. Imagine if every pair of OG Jordans was worn and you couldn’t get a DS pair because people didn’t look after them – you’d be pissed. One day you might thank the resellers.

And, for a little silver lining, it’s not like these young kids don’t get stung when they don’t do their due diligence before entering the market.

Boon Chat

Im not sure what point youre trying to make... Theres no way resellers could ever make acquiring a sneaker ‘easier. Sure, if youve got obscene amounts of money to blow – maybe. For the majority of us who are in it for the love, its way harder to get a pair unless its a GR. 

We’re now at the point where the industry as a whole could implode.

Jacob Chat

There’s no sneaker police, no justice league for your weekly drop – it’s a dog-eat-dog world, my friend. You’ve been in the game too long to complain about resellers. Might be time to set your eyes on that house after all, and sell those Red Octobers!

Boon Chat

Yeah, nah. Not happening.

Jacob Chat

Everybody’s doing it.

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