July 19, 2017

Vans Puts the UltraRange Pro to the Ultimate Wear Test

Vans have just unleashed their UltraRange. Engineered for adventure, the shoe is designed to withstand whatever’s thrown at it. To prove it, Vans put the skate-orientated UltraRange Pro to work in the wild, subjecting the shoe to a high-speed skateboarding onslaught at the hands (and feet) of local riders.

The Park – an indoor skate park in Geelong – served as the battle ground, in which the shoe was pushed, pulled, ollied and pummelled. But it stood strong. Long after boards had broken and skaters had tired, the UltraRange remained ready and raring to go, demonstrating that it definitely has the cushion to keep you pushin’. Soak up these shots courtesy of Sky Guyatt, who documented everything the UltraRange Pro had to endure. And, if you’re still not convinced, grab a pair from Vans online and test them yourself.

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