June 1, 2017

The Complete Colourway Guide to the New Balance 990v4

The New Balance 990v4 is the latest chapter in the 990 legacy, an innovative runner that combines the brand’s USA-made heritage with the latest in performance technology. This new version is the result of decades of ongoing research and development, with a lineage of athletic pedigree that stretches back over 35 years. Despite its performance roots, the 990v4 has become an unlikely style icon that’s been embraced by the fashion-forward set. Its curvy lines and well-proportioned silhouette are a happy side-effect of the superior support and cushioning built into its structure, and it’s this form-follows-function approach that has made the 990 series so popular over the years.

Debuting in 2016 with a number of low-key iterations, the 990v4 has since embraced colour with a slew of wild combinations. With more colourways dropping soon, we thought we’d take a look back at every single ‘Made in USA’ release of the 990v4 to hit shelves so far.

M990GL4 'Grey/Castlerock'

M990SR4 'Sunrise/Rose Gold'

M990BK4 'Black/Silver'

M990BU4 'Burgundy'

M990NV4 'Navy/Silver'

W990KM4 'Lace Up for the Cure'

W990NV4 'Navy/Orange'

M990TD4 'Thanksgiving Day'

M990GLE4 'Dark Grey'

M990BLE4 'Black'

M990RY4 'UV Blue'

M990RD4 'Alpha Red'

W990GP4 'Grey/Pink Zing'

M990NC4 'Nimbus Cloud'

DTLR M990 'DMV v1'

M990-NYRRV4 'New York Road Runners'

M990JB4 'YCMC Exclusive'

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