Nike has introduced the Nike LunarGlide+, a new lightweight running shoe with an innovative mid-sole design architecture called ‘Dynamic Support’, a patent-pending system which adapts with each step, providing superior cushioning and as-needed stability. ‘All runners are different and therefore need specific solutions,’ said Phil McCartney, Global Footwear Category Director. ‘The new Nike LunarGlide+ featuring the Dynamic Support system responds with cushioning and stability so runners will no longer have to compromise. Runners will experience a ride which is specific to them and how they run, even as their gait changes throughout a run.’

The Nike LunarGlide+ is the first shoe to offer custom performance; previously runners had to chose between a shoe which offered superior cushioning and a supportive shoe. When in fact most runners find that throughout the course of a run, due to tiredness or the running surface their needs can vary.

How it works

The mid-sole of the Nike LunarGlide+ is comprised of lightweight LunarLite foam that is held within a firmer foam carriage. The LunarLite foam sits at an angle providing additional cushioning for the outer side of the foot, for a smoother more comfortable run. The inner side of the mid-sole features a wedge that has been contoured to fit into the firmer foam carriage to provide stability on an as-needed basis. A neutral runner (requires minimal support) will not engage the wedge upon foot strike, but a runner who pronates (foot rotates inwards as it lands), no matter to what degree, will engage the rear foot wedge, to provide stability.

Women’s specific design

The female version of the shoe has been built specifically for women. Features include a design to accommodate foot ailments such as bunions and an adjustable strap to tighten around the arch of the foot as women as tend to prefer a closer fit.

The Nike LunarGlide+ shoe will be available from 1st July 1, 2009, in the UK and then globally.