Kidrobot and Lacoste have teamed up to create a ‘capsule’ of sneakers due for release in November 2007. Production is capped to 500 pairs and each model comes with its very own customized ‘PEECOL’ toy created by eBoy and Kidrobot.

As you can see there are three models on offer, and with each shoe being given a fresh treatment rather than a colour reworking of the same concept, it makes for a lively eye-popping pack. As hardcore loyalists, we are honour bound to vote for the Missouri 85 – this time it’s monochromed out with the Kid Robot’s very own ‘bones’ design in shades of wintery grey. For fans of the streamlined Revan 3, there’s two more colourful versions to choose from – the screaming lilac eyeballs or the Kid Robot logo in tennis green.

All shoes also come with custom insoles and use reflective 3M materials – not to mention the fro’d and freckled ‘PEECOL’ character seen here wearing shorts and a polo shirt with the croc logo splashed across the chest! It’s not obvious from these exclusive pics but he also has a tennis ball in the left pocket… cute little critter ain’t he?

The addition of the toy will no doubt make this a very sought after colab. Whilst the urban scene has definitely tapered off in 2007, the Kid Robot corporation seems to go from strength to strength, with new products always on the go and a new Miami store about to open in the fall. No word on prices as yet or whether the shoes will be available outside of Kid Robot’s own stores. Hats off to the team at Lacoste – they keep coming with more surprises than Santa in a knockshop!


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