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Hey Guys its Dakota here, sorry guys had to get a new account. Just wondering what are you guys thoughts on replica shoes. I am in favor of them, for the people that are into shoes but cant afford the crazy prices of todays shoes. They could increase the quality of the shoes and boxes a little, but im sure that will come. Now I am going to do a little review on a replica site ive had good luck with. The website is called ***^** dot com, and they have great quality shoes for a good price, they even have good customer service. So if you guys are looking to buy some retros or foams you missed out on head on over to ***^** dot com and grab yourself a pair thats is affordable.

If youd like to see their quality for yourself head over to youtube and search ***^**, they have reviews videos for some of todays hottest kicks

Thanks again everyone, Dakota

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You're joking right? Replica shoes = FAKES and fakes are bad.
You'll get no love here. In fact all you'll get is hate.

Don't buy replicas, if you do you are an idiot.

Oh and that site has bad quality fakes even for fakes... they are really shit.

All the gear and no idea.

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err is this guy for real?

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I think this is a spambot.