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Hey fellow sneakerheads im heading state side in october and wanted to know what stores to hit up while im there i will be in orlando, L.A., vegas and san fran cheers for any suggestions

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Footlocker smile

All the gear and no idea.

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Yep Footlocker and Champs should get the job done

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I had a great experience with champs. So even I have  anew option of footlocker now. That's cool.

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I'm going the states as well later this year.

I was there in 2011, didn't get a chance to go sneaker shopping in LA, but there is a flight club there.

As for Vegas, Niketown in Caesars palace is pretty awesome and the FL in the fashion mall is pretty big. There is also a undefeated store in Vegas, few other spots in Vegas as well, smaller boutique stores that you will find along the way.
Also shieks in the fashion mall.

There is a sports store at the north premium outlets in Vegas that has so good stuff at the time I was there. I think it was a jimmy jazz or a shieks.