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Hey guys any one here heard or shop at uncool?
I am looking to buy something from them but I am really unsure of how to...

if some one has shopped with them, could u share your experience?
What did you buy? How did you buy from them?

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I have never bought there before but my friend has. You would need to have a bank account in China to do so. However there are "agents" that can help you if you are in AUS. Basically you show them the listing and they would give you a quote and an estimate of shipping price, pay them in their aussie bank account and they send to u.

Be ready to get raped on exchange rate. Its 1:6.5 right now and u would probably be looking at 1: 5.8 - 5.9 at the agents (thats how they make profit)

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Most of the stuff on uncool is fake. There is usually not many exceptions.

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its sort of like the real ebay. if you ignore all the listings with prices that are too good to be true, rest are mostly good.