Topic: Qustom Queen - Michael Myers/Halloween Dunk high

Hey Guys, remember me?

I'm back! 

First pair of 2013... and first of a 3 pair order from this customer, I put out that I wanted to paint and was inundated with orders from old and new customers! 

Really happy people still watching out for me, but slightly alarmed that people actually read all the sh*t that I tweet lol.

Theme pretty obvious, Michael Myers, with the new Rob Zombie twist as per the customers request.  I decided to go for the mask over the laces, as an actual mask on the shoes - it was the main element that I wanted to incorporate.  Color Palette pretty muted - didnt want to go too bright, went for a grungy/aged effect to represent the original movie to add my own twist.

Thoughts?  Be gentle, I've not been on the forums in a while haha... and for you newbies if you're just hearing of me for the first time, hello smile

Re: Qustom Queen - Michael Myers/Halloween Dunk high

i dont wear customs, but the shoes seem to fit the the theme you chose. i like the mask and the blood splatter