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yo everyone. I need a legit check, this ebay seller is a 'top rated seller' so I pretty sure their safe but wanted to double check with you guys to see if you have bought anything from him/her. I want to buy something and the seller is recommending bank transfer, which is the fastest method so i understand. Reason I am asking is because I have never bought anything online with the payment method being bank transfer. I usually done paypal in the past but no longer have a account because its been years since i used it.
The problem is i cant post a link to the seller because i'm a new member. I need an answer asap as I am talking to the seller through email about buying trainers. If you go on google and type: unique_fashion_123 and click the first link thats the seller, just click 'items for sale' or something to see more. Just wanted to clarify its safe since i will be doing bank transfer

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I don't understand, I go to an auction and it says the seller accepts paypal...
They are in the UK yeah? I wouldn't do a bank transfer, no chance.

Also why is their stuff stupid expensive??? … ckAsSeller

All the gear and no idea.

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I've watched a lot if their sales, never noticed a problem. May have even bought from them before.

600 plus sales, 1 negative feedback in the last 6 months for 'scratched' shoes.

I'd feel safe buying frm there.

Plus if you paypal you're covered.

Go for it.

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