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Has anyone bought from WindyCitySole?
Am looking at getting something from them but not if its a dodgy site...

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its hard to say, they don't look dodgy, but it doesn't quite add up. So I can't tell.

I know one thing, I was replying to a thread on CT the other day. New guy was asking if a site (that was clearly dodgy) was legit, when people said NO, he was asking how to tell. Made a big long reply on easy thing to tell if a site is not legit... then I got a real bad feeling, edited it all up. I was pretty sure the guy was fishing for information. Sure enough a couple of days later they guy is spamming the site with dodgy links... But it looked like he(they, it) were trying to figure out how to make a fake site look less dodgy.

All the gear and no idea.

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I've heard of them, but never bought from them - they have a decent sized Twitter following like

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a decent sized twitter following doesnt make them legit.



i cant be bothered thinking of more, but yeah, you can buy and sell twitter followers. internet popularity doesnt mean shit imho.